Great. Now that the Monopoly game is back at McDonalds for a limited time only, now every time that I walk by a McDonalds now, and see Mr. Monopoly’s smiling face staring back at me, I’m then reminded of “my particular version” that still isn’t finished

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  • 10/18/2017 07:59 AM


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It’s bad enough that I still gotta work on it, it’s even more bad enough that I gotta see this guy plastered all over the place to remind me of such things. Yes, yes, I know I still have to finish you - BUT QUIT BUGGING ME!!! >;)

It’s like imagining if, say, Kentona was walking his kids to school one day and along the way he had to see a big life-sized Holdana-like character, from his own game, Hero’s Realm, eating a giant casadella, or unity walking by a clothing store and seeing one of the mannequins there look like one of her own characters from Weird And Unfortunate Are Happening. These are the types of subtle measures that can slowly drive a person to rage.

I guess on the plus side of things - at least he’s keeping me on my toes! :)

(...Damn Parker Brothers and Hasbro.)

I feel the same way when I see riots on the news.
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