RPGs where you play as a monster or villain

You guys know any good RPGs where you play as a monster or villain?

Emperor Battler and Face Graphics request

Hello friends, i cold use some help with Battlers and Face graphics.

As you may know from my previous requests i m not a artists and therefore cant do this myself, so your help would be appreciated.

I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace and i need a Battler and Face graphics for this Sprite:

He is the Emperor of the Onix Empire so he is one of the most important characters in the game.

The Battler and the Face graphics should be in the VX Ace style, also since the Emperor is a warrior the battler should be with a sword.

If anyone cold help me i would be grateful and if you need more information fell free to ask.

PS. I forgot to say i made the Sprite myself by using a generator.

Name of a RPG Maker game

Hello friends, i wold like to ask if you can tell me the name of a RPG Maker game.

I played the game some time ago but then i reinstalled the windows and forgot about the game, now i want to play it again and finish it but i cant remember the name.

So here are the details that i remember:
You play as a sick girl that cant be to long in the sun, because of the she spends most of her time reading in her house. Then she gets bored and talks to her mother, after that she goes outside but all the people are to busy to play wit her so she goes to a abandon Crouch in the forest. There something happens and she is teleported to a different world where she is attacked by monsters and saved by a ghost (i maybe wrong about the ghost), after that she walks trough the forest and finds a wounded guy and trays to help him, to her luck more guys show up and help her get the wounded guy to the city.

Thats as far as i can remember, if somebody can tell me the name i wold be thankful.

Dark Alice Face Sets Request

Hello friends, i wold like to request face sets for Dark Alice.
Here is a picture of the Dark Alice sprite and battler

I m using RPG Maker VX Ace and your help wold be appreciated.

Battlers help

Hello friends i need some help with battlers.
I found some cool battlers and want to import them to my game, i do that like i have done before but this time its different.
When i go import and select the battler i downloaded it wont ask me to select the transparent color. Because of that the white background imports as well and it looks like this .
I downloaded the battlers from, and also most battlers i got from there work just fine but some like this one wont.

I m using RPG Maker VX Ace and i hope that you can help me.

Spirit and face graphics

I m making a game in RPG Maker VX Ace and i need help with spirit creation and face graphics.

1:) For the black guards i need face graphic and battlers for the default battle system with Yanfly's battle script.
The one with the red color on the helm is supposed to be a officer.

2:) For the Succubus i need a spirit but with wings and also a battler for the same battle system as above.

If you can make them it would help me a lot, thanks in advance.

Thanks to giaks now i have a battler for the succubus, also i found a a edited knight battler that cold work for the solders.
All that is left is the faces for the solders and a normal spirit for the succubus.

Need tileset for world map Elf city

I have bean looking for a big High Elf city tileset but i cant seem to find it.
I wold like it to look big and mystical, the high Elf's are supposed to be the leaders of the world.
In the screen shot below i will show you the part of the map where the city is supposed to stand, the city you see on the screenshot is a placeholder.

If you know of a fitting tileset for it or can create on it wold help me much.
Thanks in advance.

RPG Maker VX Ace battle system

I m trying to make a game in RPG Maker VX Ace and i was wondering if its bad if i leave the default battle system.
I like the way how you can see a big picture of the enemy in it rather then the spirits in the side view battle system, but the bad point is that you can not see your character.
So can you tell me what you think, is it bad to leave the default battle system or should i change it ?

Japanese RPG Maker Games

Is anybody here willing to translate Japanese RPG Maker games if not cold you pleas point me to the right direction.
I found that there are many good Japanese RPG Maker games but sadly i don't understand Japanese and the machine translator is bad. I hope that someone here is wiling and has time to translate them if not i wold be happy if you cold point me to someone you know who could do it.
Thanks in advance
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