suggested feature: removing mafia threads from the recent posts list.


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^Comparing it to gay marriage sounds a bit extreme, but alright xD
Media isolation is something I am struggling to combat, not enable!

I can understand that.

I could see it as being more like the filters for game searching. All posts are available by default and I can search only topics, for example. Not as specific as a 'remove mafia' button.

^Comparing it to gay marriage sounds a bit extreme, but alright xD

whoa You guys are hi-chaining without me? That's just not right. :<
We should just remove mafia threads.
On sunny days, I go out walking
what does the m in rmn stand for, if not mafia.
Come to think of it, the ability to sort posts could be very useful. I would use it to filter status messages too. I had a "never posts on a status" policy until I realized I had broken it a few times because their icon is very similar to that of regular posts; And because some people post topics of general interest (Like this one) as a status. ...Statuses should be for dumb stuff like "Herp Derp, I just herp derped" or whatever you attention-starved kids tweet about in your facebooks all day long.

Seriously though, sorting the latests post by forum (General, Welp, etc.) or category (Images, Threads, etc.) would be pretty neat.
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