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[VX]State Scripting Help

class RPG::State

def Regen?
return note =~ "<Regen>"
end # Regen?
end # RPG::STATE
class Game_Actor
alias auto_hp_recover_Regen auto_hp_recover
def auto_hp_recover
return if $game_temp.in_battle && Regen?

def Regen?
for state in states
return true if state.Regen?
return false

You see here's the deal, I am trying to make a REGEN state, and more states in general, this is just the one I thought would be easier, but I tried it out and all, and nothing really happened. :\ Is there a problem with my code? Please help me.

[VX] Files Used Tool

Is there a tool or something out there that tells you all of the files used for your project for VX? I need to get rid of unwanted files but I don't want to spend days going through each and every one of them. Or at least something that tells me what I actually used, not just everything that is there.

Sideview: Turnbased or ATB?

In any battle system where the characters are facing to the side, in 2k3,XP,or VX,
which do you prefer? The turn based battle system where the order of actions are based on the speed of the battler, or the ATB, whenever your gauge fills up, you may act,(based on speed of course) and there are many ways to stop enemy progression or enhance yours.
I personally prefer Turn based, for scripting reasons and battle reasons. The ATB kind of reminds me of FF4 up, so I try not to use it. The turn based may have less action but gives you plenty of time to plan your strategies.

Town-Dungeon-Town(The ever exhausting formula)

In a lot of games, there is the formula that is called Town-Dungeon-Town, and it is kind of overused. Not all games are guilty of it, but this problem is still evident. Even switching it around doesn't help. I try sidequests, which do help some, but still has the town-dungeon-town formula in it.
What is your take on this? What are some ways that you solve this problem in your games?


In games, rpgmaker or commercial, sidequests have been a must for me. Straying away from the main storyline a little, and getting a chance to train and get epic items made the game much more enjoyable. What's your view on sidequests? Valuable? Worthless?
Like in FF12, where you had to go around and complete little errands for people to get to ride in the vehicle or whatever, did you feel like that was needed?
Or sidequests in games, do you feel like it would be worth the extra time to complete them? The extra training, and etc?


I have recently just found out about these things. They are amazing. Though they don't have graphics, they are a great experience and there are a lot of 'hidden gem' MUD's all over the internet.
Have you ever played a MUD?
If so, describe your experience, likes, dislikes and anything else.
If you have not, why not? Is there a reason, or you just haven't.

Collect The Crystals

Inspired by Final Fantasy, one of Liberty's posts, and my game, What is your take on games made in rpgmaker specifically have the main thing going on is to collect the crystals, and collect the stones, which people seem to dislike so much in these rpgmaker games?


How is your diet? What do you normally eat? Do you eat healthy, or do you eat... the other way.
Here is me:
My diet usually contains more liquid. Chocolate Milk and Blueberry Smoothies for breakfast, Chocolate Milk and usually a spicy chicken patty sandwich with a pear or apple, and always a banana. Dinner changes a lot, but ALWAYS consists of a salad of some sort.
My dad is a health freak, so the salads are vegetable, no meat or ranch dressing.
Snacks usually consist of apples. I rarely eat sweets besides on Holidays.

Actor Id Scripting Help

I am modifying something Shintashi from RMRK posted, and I need help.

Here are the two SNIPPETS:

class Game_Actor < Game_Battler

def setup(actor_id)
@sexp = 0

# * Calculate SEXP
def sexp=(sexp)
@sexp = [[sexp, 9999999].min, 0].max


class Scene_Battle

def start_phase5
# Initialize EXP, amount of gold, and treasure
exp = 0
mexp = 0

exp += Integer(0.50 * enemy.exp)
mexp += Integer(0.50 * enemy.exp)

# Obtaining EXP
for i in 0...$game_party.actors.size
actor = $game_party.actors[i]
if actor.cant_get_exp? == false
last_level = actor.level
actor.exp += exp
actor.mexp += sexp


I am creating a script which will give specific actors skills based on how much sexp they have. (sexp = Skill Experience).

My question is, how do you 'say' something like this.
'IF actor 1 has 200 sexp, then give them this skill'
And so forth.

World Maps

You know the classical Final Fantasy/other jrpg deal, the worldmap(The huge map that you walk across to get places). Your sprite is usually small, and you travel across some expansive map to get from place to place...
Do YOU like that? I know there are many other ways to do that. That some people like better than others in video games. There is like in Zelda, where you run all over the place, which gives you a more authentic feel, instead of moving to some world map, it feels more natural. Then there are 'World Maps' in the more literal definition like you select a destination on a drawn map and then you 'magically' end up there. There are many others, and feel free to tell some.