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Making an Independent .exe file? [VX]

Ok, I want to know how, or what can create an independent .exe file.
You know, one that can operate the game on it's own. Not an .exe that extracts the vx project, but one that can run it without that.
Or is there something that isn't an .exe file?

[VX] Attack Conditional Branch

My first topic for weeks. In RPGMAKERVX, I am learning a bit off scripts, to help me event parts of the battle system. (Takentai SBS enu translation.)
Now what I need to know is, when making a conditional branch in VX, it does not give you a choice of something like "If (Actor 1) attacks" conditional branch without making a scripted conditional branch. So what I would like to know, how could you make a conditional branch like that? One that tells whether the actor is attacking or not.
(This would be for in battle.)
>If Actor 1 attacks (This needs help with! Is there a script command that turns to true of false when you attack?)
>If Actor 1 has Bard's Harp equipped (This is an option in the conditional branch menu.)
> Force Action: Actor No.1, Random,

Peace Out

Peace out people! :3 I am going to take a break from RMN for a couple of days.
See ya August 15! (That's when I need to post my demo for my game so...)
Bye! ( I am not ragequitting, I am taking a break, RMN is getting in the way of my game. *tries to stop posting addiction*)

Telling who your subscriber are?

Well, when you make a gamepage, eventually people start subscribing. But whatever...,
my game has 4 subscribers. Is it possible to view who these subscribers are? If not, is this feature being implemented into RMN4? Your joking. I forgot to make subscribers plural.

YEM Games?

I have been browsing through some games for VX, and I haven't found any that use Battle Engine Melody, just games that use Takentai SBS (Eughh... :P). I am using it for my project, and it is amazing! It has tons of potential, but I have yet to find a game that does use it. Can someone speed up the process here and give me a link to a game that does? Only if you know one from the top of your head. You can't just search "game that uses battle engine melody" or something like that to find your answers.
No seriously.

RM2k3: 2 at a time?

I am just wondering, why CAN'T I have 2 rpgmaker2003's running at the same time? I would be able to get work done a lot faster. I mean like working on two different projects. Now, Cherry, is it possible to do this "your" way? I am sure you would know why.

Blizz ABS Sprites/Battlers

Anyone know where I can find these? Is there a generator somewhere? Google (yet again) has lead me to no avail. I though the ABS was relatively popular, so some artist has had to sprite some! Thanks for the suggestions,

Stats in RMXP.

I am starting to get really confused now. What's this ATK stat? (Attack yes I know but...) what does it have to deal with STR? Aren't they the same thing? Can someone please explain to me what the difference these two stats make. Is ATK the bonus STR of a weapon?

Also, the PDEF,MDEF,and DEX stats are driving me insane also. What are the PDEF and MDEF even doing? Do those stats give a bonus to anything? To they give a bonus to DEX and AGI? Or they armor only stats? Also, does this mean if a chara had no armor equipped, they would be defenseless?
Thanks for the help.

Melody ATB Agility

This is probably a dumb question, but does the Yanfly Battle Engine ATB Mode rely on agility? What I mean is, does an actors AGI stat affect how fast they climb up the ATB Gauge? Because if not, I plan on removing Agility from my game, just to get rid of a worthless stat. Also, would a skill that raises Agility in battle make that actors/enemies gauge climb up faster in the battle? I am confused slightly.
Climb up = Fill up, it looks like it is climbing vertically(the icon for the actor /enemy.)

2k3 Monsters in VX?

How do you people feel about having 2k/3 RTP monsters in RPGMAKERVX?
Would that bother you? Terrible, or good idea?