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How to move the title screen box?

I want to move the title box, you know the one that has the "New Game" and "Load Game" and stuff like that, down more. It's VX, and I am guessing Scene_Title would have the Y coords in the script, could someone help direct me to this? And also, would moving the box affect the title screen in a bad way?

Reflect Script

I am not sure if BEM has this, but I need a reflect script. You know the status "Reflect" that sends back spells like in Final Fantasy.
I googled it, but I keep on getting water reflection scripts. O:<
Any suggestions?

How to make a sprite background transparent?

Ok, so I have a sprite I assembled for YEM, and I am wonderng why it isn't going right. It shows up with a white background around it. Why so?!

Diagonal sprite Maker?

Hi. I am looking for a way to create diagonal sprites, like an online engine or whatever, or someone who is capable of doing so.
PS- I will provide you the sprites once you people are up to the job.


Ok, maybe it's my computer, but when I play my RPGVX game, it is kinda laggy and slowish. My computer is a major fail, so I suspected that. But even on a new game, it isn't as bad, but still it is getting annoying. Then I expected the FPS to be causing it... Is this a possible culprit??? If so, how can I lower it slightly?
Any suggestions are welcome :)
The FPS is 9-10!
This is bad!
How can I fix this?
On different maps it seems to vary by 1 or 2, but I uploaded a test map screenshot and a title screen screenie.

So is there a way to make it higher?

Share Your Skills/Battle Abilities and Battle Formulas.

Share above ^ By formulas I mean like algorithms.
I mean like skills that have special using requirements,custom damage forulas for different weapons, and such.
I will share some of mine so far:
-Physical Attack
-Costs 5 rage
-HP MUST be 25% or less to use
-Deals more damage based on how many statuses the user has.
-Multiplies by 2 for every status.
Vigor Punch
-HP must be more than 50% of max.
Darkside(I think Steiner from FF9 learns this.)
-Damages enemy at 25% HP cost to self. *I think this is exactly like the one from FF9.*
Health Break
-Lowers targets HP by 25% for 3 turns!

I think that is good to start off with...

Map Spriter, HELP ME!

Ok, I might have phrased Map Spriter wrong, but what I need is a PNG image that is about about 5000x5000 pixels wide. I would love it to be a world map, a really basic one. I am using it with Overlord_Dave's world map script, so it has to be an image, not a VX map. PM for more details.
RAWR Nobody? :|

Map Size to pixel size?

Ok, so i am using vx, and what I need to figure out is what is the size in pixels of a map that in vx is 500 by 500 tiles.
Can you help me?

Peace Out

Not that anyone cares, but I will be gone for 4 weeks, from RMN. Hopefully things will be better when I return. One reason is that I going on a trip to NYC! YAY! ;3,
the other reason is that this place is getting a bit worse... :|
Anyway, is anyone else doing anything for the Summertime holiday?(At my normal job we don't work during summer...)

What is the save data called?

What is the save data called in RPG maker VX?
I am trying to delete my save data, updating my game. :3