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future ruler of rmn

(In Development) A dungeon-crawler RPG focused on Alder's mission to appease his deity and ensure humanity an era of prosperity.


RGSS2 .note

Ok, I was testing my game, and a script I was using uses an "undefined method"
I looked at it and it is .note.
It is a conditional skills and equipment script, and half of my skills rely on it.
So the problem is once you go into the skill menu, and press Z, it shows the skill error. And in battle, selecting skills like this happens too. Now this doesn't happen if there is a skill in the menu, or if you select a skill, but if you go to a blank skill, it happens. What I have on this line:
if has_tag?(skill.note, '<skill>')

Is .note an undefined method? It's for the notetags in the skillboxes.

Title Screen (again...)

hi, I just spent the last half hour Googleing a image that is suitable for my title screen. I am looking for an image that is dark, and preferably dark clouds to.
I mean most of it should be darker colors, preferably gray and black. Also, I specified it to search for only 544x416 images. And I either found:
A: Someone else's title screen,
B: Something that wasn't even close to what I searched for.
I checked Deviant Art, and nothing.
Can someone help?

Script to Change Window Scin[VX]

Is there a script to change window skin? I imagine it is pretty small. Most likely one line, but how would you do that?

Should I submit my game?

Hey, I wonder if I should submit my game to RMN so far, I am not done with it,
but I would like to have a start on the game page, since I would love to start on the CSS now. I have got all of the scripts in order, and I have already started the story, with maps, events, shops,towns,dungeons, etc.
I have 22 maps, 5 Places you can visit,(6 counting world map) 22 maps are parts of the 5 places, 34 items so far, 15 weapons,10 classes, 14 armors, 16 enemies, and 24 "troops".
DO you think is enough to submit a game page?

Wich do you like best? 2k,2k3,Xp,VX

Which do you like best and why?
You can have more tha one, like if you like one for one reason and another for another.
I like VX, cause A, it's new, and B, cause you can use scripts for customization(in XP too...) and C, for some odd reason it seems a lot easier than XP. I also like 2k3, cause it is very simple, and easy to use.
how about you guys?
Did I seriously just spell Which wrong? (facepalm)

Disabling A script while in game, [VX]

Ok, I want to know if it is possible to disable a script while in game in RPG maker vx, I mean I want an event to disable it. Is this possible?
Can anyone help me?

VX/XP Script Database

I think we should have a script database! I mean, out of all of the geniuses we have here(yes I know hard to believe that there are a lot but trust me!) we should have one! It would attract tons more people(is that a bad thing?) and would be helpful for everyone.
What do you think?

Where can I find Melody?

I googled "Yanfly Melody" and didn't get any download results... Can you help me?
Where can I find Yanfly's Melody?

Script Limit in VX?

Is there a script limit in VX? I mean can I only have a certain amount of scripts?

RPG Maker VX Screen Resolution

I need to figure out what is the ideal Monitor Resolution for RPG Maker VX, I googled it, but all I got was Resolution Scripts. :( My current resolution is 1024x768.