Resident Evil: After History

me gusta tu juego, esta chevere! espero que lo termines pronto, pa que yo pueda chequearlo.

Best RPG Music of all time

Ernst, from Ys: The ark of napishtim. I liked this game a lot, too.

Piccolo's Theme from a non-rpg game i played a long time ago


yeah this looks like xenogears, and the girl kinda looks like miang

What is a good program/software for music-making

thnks guys,
I'll look into those
FL studio looks great!


What engine are you using to make your game?

What is a good program/software for music-making

I'd rly appreciate that!
How's that gonna work, though?

What is a good program/software for music-making

Yeah, I have been working with that one for a little bit already. But, like you said, its difficult to use.
I guess ill keep using it; jst wondering whats out there. Thanks, though, for your reply.

What is a good program/software for music-making

Hey guys, I really need help with this one.

I gotta find a program that allows me to make music, nothing over the top, jst some simple tunes for the game I'm making. Just tell me what you use if you use any... and i dont have an Iphone, cuz theres probably an app for that.

If it's free, awesome. If not, still let me know. :)

I haven't been lazy, I searched google a few times and I have some ideas of what is out there. But I wonder what you would recommend to me.


I fail at ProE rendering... :(

Split Decay

haha, not at all, good observation though. i was actually thinking of the videogame when i named it contra (although i know the videogame's name is loosely based on the actual contras). I was actually thinking of the same thing the other day. However, im afraid I know too little to make game which actually adresses this. Im just trying to give some story, thats all. you didnt come off as dickish at all
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