Just dropping you a generic mandatory introduction thread.

I've been messing around with all the different RPG Makers for the past 8 years or so starting with RPG Maker 2000 on a crappy computer with Windows 95 (couldn't play any RM games at more than like 10 FPS). Never managed to finish a single project and never released anything on the web. I'm going to be 23 years old in a few months and I need to get some projects done and released before I get too old for this stuff, RPG Maker communities die or both. Frankly, I'm just tired of never finishing anything.

I also just want to join in the fun since you all seem like a great lot of people who are passionate about indie games and resources. I've been a small time member at RRR and I got bored of that place real quick. Hope I can make myself at home here at RMN. Maybe I'll start playing some of the games here that you've all suggested and drop a comment or review if I'm feeling ambitious.

Enough of that. Some trivia about myself.

I'm a half-Korean, half-white male living in Sweden. I was born and raised in a military family (dad was in the navy) and I want to study into something like game design and programming. Awesome, right?

Well, see ya around.
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