About me:

Pun loving Canadian, friendly neighbourhood "Ace", and Narrative Designer at Nine Dots Studios.

I've been a huge fan of RPGs (especially turn based ones) since I was young, and it warms my hearts to be able to make RPGs that other people can enjoy.

I thrive on crafting stories that others enjoy, as well as finely tuning combat to be challenging, but fair.
Glories of the Hunt
Face your trauma. Conquer your dragon.



RMN's Event Event

The month-long time frame makes me wanna try to put something out...

But things are kind of a mess for me ATM (Health issues, exhaustion, tax season, putting together a TTRPG setting, etc) so I legit don't know...

I'll see if I put something out but I really don't know...

The most tempting category is "RMN 4th Birthday: "Sequels that should never be made, but that we will make anyways." " because I can TOTALLY make a sequel to Cursed Crown.

Take retro graphics, make a simple 3D dungeon crawler, should be simple enough, right?

Illusions of Loyalty

I only saw one ending, Don't know if there is more lol

You've only seen 1 ending?

Might I recommend, then that you examine the other two transparent figures in the room?

To see the True Ending:
Talk to the ghost of Bruce on the other side of the cell door and select "I'm not done" as your choice.

Again, thank you for your praise. ^_^

Illusions of Loyalty

Its been a long time since I played this game.
But this is one of the few rpgmaker games that I completed,

Its Great game for a game that uses rpgmaker assists
and the story is interesting specially the ending

You are a great story teller from my point of view
Its just the ending was very depressing to me lol

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! :)

And...You found even the True Ending to be depressing? :o

If you want more games set in this same world, there's two more of them that I made. ;) (If you want the one that's 100% not depressing, it's Glories Of The Hunt)

Glories of the Hunt

Aaaaand should be fixed now! At least this was a quick fix. :)

Glories of the Hunt

@Aegix_Drakan Just to let you know: if we decide to save the progress "at whisps only", it is impossible to save the game when interacting with at least the first will-o'-wisp (the option remains grayed out). On a side note, I think you should display the game version number on the title screen, or even provide the changelog in the archive.

What? ...Oh shit you're right!

Alright, I'm going to fix that real quick. :o Thank you for the report!

RMN's Australian Christmas

I debated about my entry for a while, then just went "A basic silly gag is the way to go". XD

There's a graphic that exists for me already, feel free to reuse.


x_x I am so sorry, but the past two weeks have been utterly exhausting, I will not be able to turn in my room.



I'm in! Gimme gimme! :D

Seriously, I had so much fun with the "house with a secret" theme last time around!

Resurrect the Dying

I have nothing in my "incomplete/abandoned prototype" folders that could POSSIBLY be completed in the next 2 and a half weeks. XD

Well, y'all, best of luck! :)

Pokémon Nightfall


Pokemon, but it's a zombie apocalypse with an action-RPG combat system. That is not something I would ever have expected to see.

...I think I'm going to save this for Halloween season. XD