About me:

I'm a 30 year old game programmer, up in Canada.

I've been a huge fan of RPGs (especially turn based ones) since I was young, and it warms my hearts to be able to make RPGs that other people can enjoy.

I thrive on crafting stories that others enjoy, as well as finely tuning combat to be challenging, but fair.
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Year-End 2019 Misao Discussion.

I nominated the heck out of Turovero: The Celestial Tower for a few categories.

Seriously, it's an impressive narrative trip, with excellent puzzles and a pretty solid (if basic) combat system. If it turns out I'm the only one who nominated it for anything I'm going to be quite sad. :(

Edit: Wait, seems I might not be? I'm pretty sure that's Sigurd's bio page in the collage at the top. XD

I was looking forward to the end-of-year Misaos to figure out what kinda stuff to check out and I was pleasantly surprised to see Slimes up here! I'm grateful that you guys think it's worth an award, and I hope y'all liked the second demo!

Haven't checked out the second demo yet, but I nominated it for a few things just based off the first one. You have a VERY distinctively neat world as well as a killer art style. :P

Explanation video re: YouTube's current "for kids" issues

EDIT: Oh! And that's the beauty of the rule! They're not looking at whether or not you cuss like a sailor. They're looking at whether or not your video is attractive to kids.

That's the scary thing.

Youtube / the FTC / tHe AlGoRiThM might be like "Your video is animated or plays Nintendo games, or is otherwise colorful, therefore it is child friendly" when really, it's not supposed to be for kids.

Like, I'm honestly worried most for Overly Sarcastic Productions, as they animate their history/literature/etc videos with gorgeous sketchwork, and their stuff is both educational and HIGHLY entertaining.

Like, the obvious solution would be to have "Youtube Kids" accounts that don't show ads or gather data, no?

But then again, EVERYONE would flag their accounts as that so that they'd be able to skip the ads, right? (At least those who haven't yet discovered how to do that the way everyone else does)

Talk about RM Games! Mid-Year Misao Discussion Topic

I wound up nominating Turovero, The Celestial Tower for a bunch of stuff.

I played it for the review event because "oh hey, I like dungeon crawlers", and got one of the best narrative trips I've had all year instead.

Seriously, it's good stuff.


Ok, that's...that's... That's genuinely hilarious.

......Can I nominate that video for something? I feel like it deserves something.


well, nothing more than what I got on the last due date so :/

BUT it's more than we got first time around. I'm wondering if I should just extend it til end of month, honestly, but I'm not sure if that'll make any kind of difference or not.


How many houses are you missing for it to feel complete? I'd be on board to make a second one if it would help a little.

Turovero: The Celestial Tower

I did actually try using a script to enable cutscene skipping early on in development, but it caused a lot of problems and conflicted with other scripts, so I ended up abandoning it so as not to totally break the game :D;;; Protip for the third boss, Emerald Earrings are your friend, so I'd definitely give the boys those accessories if you have them!

Ah, shame then. I'd have even taken a "hold cancel to skip text" option just to not have to mash A, but I understand the situation. I've had to remove scripts that I really wanted too.

And...The elemental resist accessories are THAT helpful? ...Kinda wish I'd tried them more. I wound up selling them all for equipment and stacks of potions, lol.

I wound up beating the third boss by grinding up one level, buying a boatload of potions and keeping my fighter in a constant state of double-buffed attack with Rally Cry and lots of Liquid Courage. XD Worked pretty well.

RMN: Review Misao Nominees

To the others: Would you mind sharing which games you reviewed? If I do get to more games, I'd prefer it were unreviewed ones

I'm closing in on the end of Turovero The Celestial Tower now, with a bunch of points written down for the review. :)

EDIT: Aaaaaand submitted! I am SO glad I participated in this event. I would have missed out on an absolute GEM of a game if I hadn't!

went through and let the ones that were good+ through. if you got notes then you know why deny

yay sleep now

Thank you for all your hard work as usual, Liberty! :)

The Heroes that Nobody Asked For Review

Oooh, 4 stars! :o Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoyed my "Reverse Don Qixote" story!

author=Sgt M
some minor spelling errors

*sigh* No matter how much I proofread there's ALWAYS a few that manage to sneak through. :(

Turovero: The Celestial Tower

I'm really enjoying the game so far...But man, I wish there was a way to skip cutscenes. The third boss is kicking my ass pretty hard, and the scene leading up to it is a long one. @_@

RMN: Review Misao Nominees

Hooh. Turovero is taking longer than I thought to get through. XD I really hope I'll finish it in time to get a review in for the event.

Your Game Dev Identity/Signature

This is a REALLY awesome topic, full of delicious replies.

My most apparent "signature" is probably "Complex, crafty combat systems".

Even my simplest project, made for a silly event, has a pretty involved combat system about looking for weaknesses, and so on. I just enjoy crafting combat systems where every skill is useful, and every battle feels a bit like a puzzle.

And I've been told by people that most of my work is good at expressing either multiple perspectives, or by expressing an unusual perspective. Which, I guess is accurate, given how the game I wrote for professionally has had people arguing vehemently about which faction are "the bad guys" and never coming to a unified answer (The answer is no one is the bad guy. Each faction has good actors and bad actors).

Style is never a deliberate choice*, it is the amalgamation of everything you've consumed, experienced and lived, as well as how you think, the things you like, the choices you make, your psychological profile...

This. You will naturally "Write what you know". So, knowing more allows you a greater well of things to draw from.

I probably have my best friend's tabletop GM style and his RPGmaking style and Etrian Odyssey to thank for my love of good combat systems.

My bestie loves making things incredibly borderline unfair levels of hard, but always leaves you the tools to overcome the situation, which I adopted a slightly more merciful approach to, and the Etrian Odyssey series has always had a fantastic assortment of skills to use that allow you to pick apart most enemy encounters.

As for perspectives...I haven't the foggiest idea why I'm good at them. I guess I just like looking at things from different angles, as well as feeling like there's always some degree of nuance to most people and conflicts. Asking myself "Am I wrong/the bad guy here" whenever I have doubts might help a little too, who knows.

I'd comment on other people's dev signatures here, but the only one whose games I follow regularly are Fomar and Indra, mostly for their Arum games. Probably because they have a similar signature to mine. Clever combat systems, well developed characters, and often a neat twisty perspective on something.