There are two things I love: video games and writing. I've enjoyed writing stories since I was very young, and I'm an 80/90's kid, so my childhood was Atari, NES and SNES. I wanted to go to school for video game design, but that's not where life took me. When I discovered RPG Maker, it allowed me to take my two passions and fuse them together. I absolutely love creating fantasy worlds, writing the lore and developing characters. I do lack the artistic creativity and plugin knowledge, but I like to think I make up for that in storytelling. I love the old school RPG's where they gripped us with great stories: Final Fantasy 2&3, Chrono Trigger, Lufia and Secret of Mana to name a few. Tales of Yuria is my way to tell the first chapter of the world I've been creating for years.
Tales of Yuria: Mausoleu...
Short story adventure and continuation of The Dragon God



Combat Gameplay

Thanks Avee LOL Apparently I can't post video properly on this site :-P

Combat Gameplay

Yeah, I saw it wasn't working. I just now figured out how to update/delete these posts. Not sure what I did wrong :P

'cross Rivers

thanks so much! i don't have any plans for a demo right now but as things start slotting into place a little more i might drop a quick 20-minute teaser or something similar. ETA on the finished product is still very much up in the air though, i'm pretty busy with school haha

Of course. I just subbed. I'll check back from time to time. Looks good so far.


Oh the protagonist looks so cute and fun! Am so excited!

Thanks! Our goal was to make a cute little robot trapped in a dark, horrifying world.

Such an amazing looking game, love the look of the little Robot (so cute and the noises he makes are adorable) can't wait to play this wonderful spooky game, I can tell you have put a lot of work into it due to the amount of detail in the trailer. Good work

Thanks! Really excited to share more. Especially the demo for everyone to try out!! :-)

'cross Rivers

I'm all about story. I do the same :-) I'll give this a sub and keep an eye on it. Plan to put out a demo? Target completion date?

Arcanion 2: The Mekanos Invasion

Love a good platform game. Keeping an eye on this :-)

'cross Rivers

Looks interesting. Question? I see a combat screenshot. Will this be more Visual Novel (since you have it flagged as that under genre) with some combat? Or does it have an equal amount of story and battles? Love the tileset and sprites, btw!

I Watched My City Die

This looks really good. Love that tileset. Using it for one of my upcoming projects, too. I'll keep watching the progress of this game. Looks good so far :-)

Beetle Ninja 2

Love the artwork. Tilesets and sprites look amazing. I'll have to check out the first game. This looks interesting! Congrats on your game page going up btw :-) Just subbed!


Woops. Just realized the item is an "Electrical Part" and description says "Electronic Part." :-P