There are two things I love: video games and writing. I've enjoyed writing stories since I was very young, and I'm an 80/90's kid, so my childhood was Atari, NES and SNES. I wanted to go to school for video game design, but that's not where life took me. When I discovered RPG Maker, it allowed me to take my two passions and fuse them together. I absolutely love creating fantasy worlds, writing the lore and developing characters. I do lack the artistic creativity and plugin knowledge, but I like to think I make up for that in storytelling. I love the old school RPG's where they gripped us with great stories: Final Fantasy 2&3, Chrono Trigger, Lufia and Secret of Mana to name a few. Tales of Yuria is my way to tell the first chapter of the world I've been creating for years.
Tales of Yuria: Mausoleu...
Short story adventure and continuation of The Dragon God


Actor Battler Speed

This is for RMMV.

So, I'm attempting to slow down the frame speed for my actor battlers during SV combat. Right now they're bouncing too fast when their idle animation is playing. I have Yanfly's Animated SV Enemies, which has the option to slow enemy battlers down, but it doesn't apply to the player characters. I know you can slow your actor's down, because I did in a previous project, and now I can't figure out/remember where I went to do it. Any ideas? Unfortunately, I no longer have that previous project, so I can't look there. I'm losing my mind over this LOL


Sprite Artist Needed (CLOSED)

I'm looking to commission a sprite artist for an RPG Maker MV game. I need a full 9 tile walking sprite. The game is post-apocalyptic with a robot as the main protagonist. As for the art/style...

I'm using the Horror City tilesets by MalibuDarby. I don't want you modifying or using anything from the tileset, just wanted to give an idea of the graphic/art style I'm looking for. The sprite will be 100% original. If you're interested, please DM me what you charge, along with some links to your work (if you have any), and I can go into more detail on my idea/concept for the sprite.

While I'm only requesting one sprite for now... if I like your work, I will likely need additional sprites, battle art, and more. This could lead to more commissions, as well :-) Thanks!

Game Tester's Needed

This posting is now closed. I have enough testers, at this point. Thanks to everyone that showed an interest and were willing to lend their time to help :-)

What I'm needing are testers willing to play my current game and let me know if and when it crashes on you. I've been trying to figure it out over the past year, and most people give me feedback after playing, but not many want to re-play and test my game further (for obvious reasons--there's so many great games to play on here :-)

The reason I'm posting under this forum is because I would pay my testers. Now, my game is non-commercial, so I can't pay much, but I am, literally, trying to figure out what I did wrong, or what's causing the crashes.

I have no idea what a fair price for this would be. For now... I figured I'd offer $25 for testing my game. Now, if that amount doesn't seem fair for what I'm asking (see below), let me know. I'm willing to adjust it/negotiate based on any feedback I get. I'm just not sure what's fair. If you are interested, I'd send payment via PayPal and figured half up front and half once finished.

If you're interested, and we agree on the price, I'd really just need 2 things:

  • System specs (video card, RAM, system, etc)
  • Play my game and report any crashing in detail (did you get an error message/no message and just a crash to desktop?)

If you don't make it far through my game and it crashes frequently, I'd like to possibly make a few changes with scripts I use and have you re-test and maybe play it a few times.

Now... why am I asking others to test for me and pay them instead of doing it myself? Because... for some odd reason, when I test my game (after deploying it)... it doesn't crash on me. I'm confident it's certain player's system's and a plugin I'm using or potentially RPG Maker MV not playing nice for them. However; I really want to figure out what the root cause is and work on fixing, and avoiding the same mistake in my other games. Also... my RPG Maker version and project version are both up-to-date, along with all of my plugins.

This is very important to me, because I'm putting money into my next project (artwork, music, etc). I need to know what I did to my current game before I release anything else. So before I continue working on any future projects... I want to figure my current game's issues out :-)

I am looking for a variety of system specs and to avoid testers with the same. If you are interested, please send me your system specs: video card, RAM and operating system. Thanks in advance :-)

EnmxDev & Using Our Games

This may be a topic that's been brought up before, and I'm slightly new to putting games up on the site, but has anyone else on here noticed their games being used by a developer called EnmxDev? They're taking games off this site and then putting them on the Android network (Google Play), with ads, to try and profit off our work.

While I understand nothing can really be done seeing we put our games up here to download, and they're free to play... just find it wrong that someone would go to that level. Guess it's the world we live in, unfortunately.

[RMMV] Poison Stacking State

So, not sure why I can't figure this out, but I'm apparently missing something here. I have two things I need help with. I put each under a Hide Tag so they don't get jumbled together:

I'm trying to get my poison state to stack and do more damage to the character for each stack that's applied to them. I want to allow the poison to stack 3 times.

I have Yanfly's StateBuffCore plugin, and I see the Buff Settings where I can change the Default Limit and Maximum Limit of stacking, which I have set to 3 and 8. However; the poison isn't stacking, and the same damage applies no matter how many times the enemy poisons my character. I'm also using the standard buff formula: this._buffs * 0.25 + 1.0

Am I possibly overlooking a notetag? Or is there something buried within Lunatic Mode I can potentially use?

In addition to that... I want to make an item that only heals one stack at a time. For example... you have an antidote that'll cure one of the stacks, but doesn't completely eliminate the poison (unless you only have 1 stack applied).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help :-)

[CLOSED] Custom Title Theme Music

*UPDATE* I am currently working with someone now. Thanks to everyone that reached out to me :-)

I'm looking for a custom song for my game series. It's what will be played during my title screen, and possibly several scenes within.

My game is a whimsical fantasy called Tales of Yuria. I've never requested anything like this before, so I'm not sure how to describe what it is I'm looking for. If you're interested, feel free to message me what you charge, with possibly a link to some work you've already done. If you reach out to me, I can send you some links with music I currently like, just to give you an idea of the style I'm looking for. I'll also send you my email (probably easier to communicate that way).

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you :-)

Game Bug Error

I have a friend playing my game, and he sent me a screenshot of the error he's getting. This one's new for me. Anyone know what this is? Is it something on my game's end? Or his computer specs? See image below:

Thanks in advance :-)

[RMMV] Rage State Based on HP

So, what I'm wanting to do in my game is have a barbarian that, basically, goes into a rage when his HP's are low. Once he goes to his Crisis/Danger stance, I want a Rage State to applied that increases his attack output. I can create the state just fine, the part I'm struggling with... any idea how you can have a state apply to your character once your HP's reach a certain %?

Is there a workaround inside MV? Or if this would require a plugin... any idea which plugin would accomplish this best?

Thanks in advance :-)

RPG Maker MV: Music Pause

So, the one thing I've been noticing with RPG Maker MV vs RPG Maker VX Ace (the two systems I've used most recently) is that with MV... when you enter a new map, the music takes a few seconds to start up. There's an awkward silence.

I've tested the exact same music in VX Ace and it starts up right away.

I searched online and found one particular post that recommended I put a PreLoad Manager plugin in my game. However; I want to make sure I get the best recommendation. Has anyone tested any plugins or have the best approach to fixing this? Figured I'd ask since I couldn't find anything recent online.

Thanks in advance for any help :-)

Dead by Daylight

Any Dead by Daylight fans out there? If so... favorite killer?
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