Craze Hates Dungeon Crawling

Craze, your games are fun because your designs allow for creative solutions to combat and other basic problems. All dungeon crawlers (especially rogue-likes) fight with the diminishing returns of a game style that forces you to do the same 1 repetitive task en mas. A roguelike with uninteresting decision-making will not hold my attention for very long, because I'll be constantly reminded that this is the same thing I did 5 minutes ago.

Nerd Test

Probably should have saw this coming.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4!!

I don't really understand the appeal of Sonic games.


There is so little time to react to anything happening you may as well be playing...

Sonic 1 - 3&K weren't really like this. You have brief moments of speed, but if you really wanted to get anywhere you had to take your time and explore the landscape.

They didn't lose focus from this until Sonic Advance 2.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

@Arcan: nice isometric field. I can understand you not following through with it for real, though; it looks pretty challenging to setup without using a large, preset piece.

edit: There is something about green hair that I really like.

Do you like my hair? =)

@illustrious: I can make out a faint background picture, but from a distance, it looks pretty empty. maybe make it brighter? Do that for the subtitle text beneath the logo, too - it blends too much with the background.

RM2k(3) lovers, FIGHT!

How can you not comprehend that somebody might need to see some encouragement to finish something like this? It's a pretty large operation, especially for one person, and the only hype I've seen it's creator (I am 99% sure that RPGVirtuoso is not Mason Wheeler, it's designer) show is a brief thread asking for interest at GW a long time ago.

Maybe the project's not worth doing if he can't get through it without anyone else's help or support? Honestly, with RM's history for these kinds of projects, he should know ahead of time that the burden is on him to get through it by himself with no feedback until he can prove he won't back down like every other project before him, which sounds reasonable since, as you stated, he seemingly wants to work on it to revel in the challenge. If he really, really needs encouragement, he should get it from friends and family who won't be so quick to judge, not from us who understand the history of such undertakings and are inclined to take them with a grain of salt.

[Community] Christmas Card

PM request sent. Why did I pass over this? o_O

Questions you always wanted to ask other members, but felt too lazy or awkward to do so.

Kentona, the breast physics of your Yoko avatar are amazing, where can I get those sprites?

It's from a collaboration character made for MUGEN by Warusaki3 & Kabao Kikkawa. Go dig through here to find it and put it into your MUGEN build.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

If you can't make graphics on your own, the next best thing is to make your own tilesets by blending styles of graphics that compliment each other well, even if they are from different games. Tardis, Rei and I even find myself resorting to this these days. More people should do this, as it isnt even horribly difficult to do.

I don't know, If I weren't at least a little art savvy, I wouldn't know where to begin to "blend styles of graphics". Do you mean to mix different tilesets from different games together with minor edits in color and detail? I would recommend that.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Nightblade you failed in your mission, you have not made feel bad about my game or ABS. You just have made me want to work at it even harder and release it even sooner. Thanks.

Umm... that was kinda also his mission, even if it didn't sound like it.

And I agree with what arcan said, but I really don't know what meaning Nightblade was trying to get across when he said that the boss sprite was 'clunky'. If you can make something custom that better fits the mood, more power to you, but otherwise it doesn't look 'terrible' to me.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

I would have thought it obvious simply by LOOKING at the damn thing..

Even if you held both videos side-by-side, the other person would just be constantly asking "is this thing what you want?" "Is that thing what you want?" "Do I include this?" "Do I uninclude that?" because you didn't actually say what parts the video does good that the other person would want to apply. His only reaction would be, at best, to just take bits and pieces and 'test' it out on you to see if it you don't give the same tired response, which quite frankly, is a shitty path to improvement that is completely unnecessary.

If this is the stuff that passes for good around here; well - enjoy your slow death.

Why do you even feel the need to say things like that? You write your words really careless like this, then act bewildered when people call you an ass.

Let me tell you about what a UI should be.


Where the hell was all this in your last few posts? I mean, if it really pains you to say so much, you could have condensed it down without it losing its meaning, but what you said before isn't even close in meaning or value as what you said just now, it wasn't a condensed version so much as it was just condescending.

You need to do this more often.

EDIT: Also...

As much as I hate seeing screenshot threads go through hell, I'm going to agree that this isn't NB's fault. Seriously dudes, all he did was post a video.

People are not taking offense to him posting a video, so much as how he responded to someone actually believing the original material was good for what it was. (unfathomable, right?!)