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Quit having expectations, and you'll never be disappointed!

Hey where is my RMN3?!


*lights a match*

Iron Gaia Mafia!

I'm glad I didn't have to resign my suspicions just to move forward with the lynching, but still... we may have just sacrificed a crucial ally. =/

Or was that last post a shout-out to Mafia? ...

Item Carrying

I blame Final Fantasy. When you can't realistically run out of MP, you tend to forgo all items except maybe Elixers.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

About my inactivity, I have a busy day and I'm devoting most of it to my RS! submission, so I have something more to show than just a bunch of custom menus.

I will say that it was a mistake on my part to have missed out on the first day. I don't think I would have agreed with everyone's choice to not lynch.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

Unless you really want to stop playing, all of your double posting nonsense isn't helping you prove your innocence, let alone his guiltiness...

Top 3 things in life

1. Nourishment
2. Security (includes family)
3. A fully-operational computer

Anything else, I can create myself.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

I'll have to go inactive again. Hopefully, not much will happen whilst I'm asleep.

*goes into hibernation*

Iron Gaia Mafia!

##vote GameOverGames Productions

I want to see where this vote takes us. Something just seems off about his behavior, and no-one thus far has yet to question his legitimacy, even though he has shown little to prove it.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

Aww, I didn't realize this had started yet.

Interesting that a man who was believed to be guilty was innocent, and a person who was never considered to be guilty was backstabbed...