Your Game Sucks

The issue here is that most newbies aren't interested in the process, only the end result. We all have preferences, but its a lot easier to compromise when we enjoy making games, whether those games are the ones we envisioned or not. For the new developer, there's only the vision and making it enjoyable for everyone is too much to ask when that isn't their primary goal.

You have to want to make something for others, and you have to like doing it. Development hell can happen when one of these is missing.

How long should demos be?

I've learned from school and my network of friends that developers don't want you to play anything good about the finished product because it'll no longer hold your interest when you finally get to play the real thing. A bit of ViewersAreMorons of the Video Game variety involved in that.


Is that you saying all those things, or your friend?


I have too many. Probably ADD, but I'm not sure.

Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [June 20th]

It means that your committing yourself to releasing a game/demo to the site/forum, no matter what its condition is, on June 20th and then passing it around and playing everyone else's releases.

Hope you have something presentable by then. =P

Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [June 20th]

Finally got around to making something in VX, and it's looking pretty good. I'm not entirely satisfied with how I organized it, but I'm sure I'll be able to restructure and have something playable for everyone to try by June 20th. I'm leaving the game untitled, for now, because I haven't fully decided what the storyline will be like.

My first RSD... should be interesting.

If you had to make the next Sonic game...

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I'll admit, I haven't played many of the new Sonic games, so I don't know how well they recapture the essence of the old games. But the ridiculous premises and gimmicks behind them are so awful, I've never even bothered to check them out. The abysmal reviews I hear don't help things much. I'm usually willing to try something before assuming it's terrible, but I guess I've heard too many negative opinions to want to waste $40.

Rent them for less. At least Sonic Rush Adventure or Sonic Unleashed, as they appear to be the direction Sonic Team intends to head forward with. Unless you're into mercilessly abusing glitches and bugs, though, avoid Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) like the plague.

If you had to make the next Sonic game...

The Mega Drive titles were about level design. They captured a certain blend of simplicity, flow, exploration, and intuitive gimmicks, then wrapped in up in a bow of restraint. At some point, the bow was released, and all the elements pretty much splattered out. None of the newer titles could reclaim that magic because, even if they could gather the bits and pieces, the bow is gone so they just get in each others way. They couldn't blend anymore.

That's what happens when you make Sonic all about speed. Most of the actually interesting concepts require slow precision and patience, but when you're running at 72 mph, it becomes a chore to even stop and jump from platform to platform - you know, actual platforming. Other titles in the franchise had their own share of problems, such as copious amounts of linearity, but this is by far the most important one, and Sonic Unleashed the most recent and best example. (It even has the exploration and simplicity back in full force!) Most other "problems", especially some of the ones mentioned in this thread, are superfluous drivel

Problems with Game_Unit

Wow, I had some stupid preconceived idea on how print works in Ruby, and now that I've actually tried it out, it's become my new best friend. =O

Anyways, I used to discover that it was @active_battler that was going nil, not sprite.battler. Understandable: @action_battlers' lopping off the top reference and passing it to @active_battler, so it's not longer there when I go back to check. *smacks forehead* I think I can take it from here, thanks.

Also, that sorting trick is a default part of make_action_orders in both xp and vx. I didn't write it.

Problems with Game_Unit

# * Create Action Orders
def make_action_orders
return if members.empty?
@action_battlers = members
@action_battlers -= $game_party.members if $game_troop.surprise
@action_battlers -= $game_troop.members if $game_troop.preemptive
for battler in @action_battlers
@action_battlers.sort! do |a,b|
b.action.speed - a.action.speed
for battler in @action_battlers
@battler_sprites.push(, battler))

# * Frame Update
def update
return if @battler_sprites.empty?
for sprite in @battler_sprites
offset = @action_battlers.index(@active_battler) -
sprite.update(224 - offset * 96, 256, (offset <= 2 and offset >= (-2)))

Okay, so the new problem is that Sprite_BattlerFace contains a reference to a battler in @action_battlers, which is set with make_action_orders. But when it comes time to update, the game returns an error basically saying that @action_battlers.index(sprite.battler) returned nil - it couldn't find the reference back in its original source. Why is that?