[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

Good call. I'm replacing Ranger with Freelancer, and naming its ability set "ESSENTIAL".

If you're curious, I basically pretended that each ability set had the literal word "magic" on the end and tried to name them to fit that as best as possible. (i.e: NATURAL magic, ARCANA magic, ESSENTIAL magic, LEARNED magic, ROULETTE magic, ANTI magic, etc.)

I noticed that the Bard is very ambiguous. Even though it uses something resembling magic, it doesn't use MP and its equipment class is physical. If we do decide to merge Tamer and Poacher we can move Bard to rogue and we'll finally have an equal number of physical and magic classes, assuming Psychic and Magitank are both accepted (though still not an equal number of rogue classes)

[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

I suppose. The stats suggest a mage class, but it does still use physical equipment. I'll make the change on the list, and that should balance things for now.

EDIT: Still wondering about that Ranger class...

[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

Yeah, I was thinking of merging Tamer and Poacher, if their contributors allow it. Scholar is predominatly magic based, though, so it wouldn't merge well. Just think of it as the "magic counterpart" to Tamer/Poacher.

The problem is, after merging Tamer/Poacher we'll only have 5 physical classes compared to 7 magic classes (assuming Psychic and Magitank are rejected; if not, then that's 9). That's why I also feel that Cultist and Magic Hunter could be combined as well. Then the distribution won't be as bad, and we'd still have 24 classes.

The Carnitank and the Monk are a little too similar, as well... damn, we're lacking physical classes.

Poacher (Physical/CALL/HUNTING)
Slayer (Magic/DARKNESS/ANTI)

EDIT: Pyromancer and Mime were bricked by Max. Psychic is Mentalist.

[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

Firstly, I'm going to briefly list each class, their attribute type, their special commands, and their class point costs. I would like all the contributors of these classes to refer back to my lists and confirm agreement to the proposed class setups. This is especially important for the Ranger class, for which there was an unresolved discrepancy on what it's supposed to do. Also, I feel there is a lopsided amount of magic advanced classes and am proposing some of them be merged together.

Secondly, I'd like confirmation on whether it is possible for the Bard's Heroic March (WarMarch) to only slightly increase attack. I made it BIKILL simply because I could not remember if it was possible otherwise to change the player's stats temporarily in RM2k3.

Before you ask, I was keeping Generica and Final Fantasy in mind when I modified the names of each technique; if we so decide to use a longer name limitation than 9 letters, the old names will be kept.


BASIC: (3 physical, 3 magic, 3 rogue)
Soldier (Physical/IMPACT)
Knight (Physical/RALLY)
Raider (Physical/RUSH)
Cleric (Magic/DIVINE)
Mage (Magic/ARCANA)
Druid (Magic/NATURAL)
Freelancer (Rogue/ESSENTIAL)
Infiltrator (Rogue/HIDE/STEAL)
Artificier (Rogue/MUSKET/ARTIFICE)

ADVANCED: (4 physical, 7 magic, 3 rogue)
Garou (Physical/TRANSFORM)
Carnitank (Physical/RAISE/SHIELD)
Monk (Physical/MEDITATE/AURA)
Evoker (Physical/ENCHANT) (Enchanter)
Cyromancer (Magic/VANISH/TIME)
Summoner (Magic/COMMUNE/SUMMON)
Scholar (Magic/STUDY/LEARNED)
Ritualist (Magic/DARKNESS) (Cultist)
Harlequin (Magic/ROULETTE) (Randomizer)
Psychic (Magic/MENTAL) (Mentalist) (pending)
Magitank (Magic/BARRIER) (pending)
Poacher (Rogue/CALL/HUNTING) (Tamer was merged)
Slayer (Rogue/ANTI) (Magic Hunter)

ELITE: (2 physical, 2 magic, 0 rogue)
God Hand (Physical/TECHNIQUE/GOD HAND)
Gladiator (Physical/IMPACT/RUSH/WARCRY) (Barbarian)
Wizard (Magic/ABSOLUTE)

I felt that there wasn't enough benefit to picking the Soldier over the Knight, so I gave it IMPACT (without taking it away from Barbarian).

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My, my... I'm liking what I'm reading! =)
BTW, since you and Nick insist on keeping the "Dark Conflict"...

Dark Extinction
Years=583 - 698 AV
Promoted as the "Cleansing of Shadows," a holy war by which to commit a holocaust of the peoples of Umbra. It was an act of imperialism orchestrated by strategist and self-proclaimed prophet Mercurio Esteven, played out through the hands of Theodrus Goslin of House Goslin, and his son Leond Goslin after the former's death.

A trail of 200 battles between Theodrus' troops and the greater empires of Umbra have left scars across the continent, and all but two still remain unknown to the general public: the Fight for Fallusia and the Battle of Hunza Pier. The war ended with both Theodrus and Esteven having died of illness, and Leond being executed for mass genocide. Umbra has still not completely recovered from this assault, but have managed to rebuild the oligarchy Esteven had dissolved.

Fight for Fallusia
Year=672 AV
The turning point of the Dark Extinction or "Cleansing of Shadows". Strategist Mercurio Esteven had resorted to a series of Secret Tactics, organizing the army of Theodrus Goslin in such a way as to pierce right into the Southern empires' of Umbra. He was forced to follow through on his strategy with his own hands, however, after Theodrus' died of a mysterious illness. Esteven's brilliance was challenged by Umbran imperial strategist Gilon Kirke in a month of exausting conflict. Though the two tacticians were evenly matched, Esteven was forced to retreat against the seemingly endless stream of militant force being brought into the fray by the Southern empires. Using a slash-burn strategy, Theodrus' troops destroyed much of the empires' land as they made their escape back to Missiongarde, finally returning in 678 AV. Having heard that Esteven had grown ill from the conflict, the empires chose not to pursuit him.

Battle of Hunza Pier
Years=688 - 693 AV
The decisive battle of the Dark Extinction. Before his death in 689, Mercurio Esteven manipulated Leond Golsin, son of Theodrus Goslin, into continuing the war effort while the empires of Umbra were supposedly unprepared for them. Leond brought his own troops and stormed the border in secret, but being brash and unskilled he was unable to break through the Southern empires' troops, whom had positioned themselves at Hunza Pier to reclaim dominance. Not wanting to be captured, he lit all of his ships ablaze and hid in the mountains. He was inevitably captured in 698 AV, put on trial for the crimes and mass murder he and his father committed, and subsequently executed.

Category=Land Mass
Known also as the Dark Continent, it is located in the south-eastern quadrant of the world. Its name was formed from the misconception that its people were "cast in shadow" - unenlightened savages who worshiped mythological demons called the Ookasuna. The land is divided into the lower tribes of the North, and the greater empires of the South. The exception to this is the Peruvo Empire, located on the small plateau furthest north of the continent, who have cut themselves off from the rest of the world through the use of Natural Magic.

Notable features include the Vakru River that runs through the belt of the continent, a network of rivers known as the Vasoru in the west, and the Vasov, a lake south of the Vasoru with monstrous fish not found anywhere else. Roughly 600 tribes and 27 empires are situated in the continent.

If this were BedRock Men Network...

A.G.P or A-Roe

Missiongarde Worldbuilding -- countries for sale!

It's taking place at the same time as Goslin's War, and resolves with the Parliament being formed. It can't be kept with just a name change. =/

[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

The point of choosing classes is so you don't get stuck with an poorly constructed party unless you set yourself up for it on purpose. It shouldn't be possible to "get stuck" without purposefully creating the circumstances.

[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

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So, do we need a Hero character then, or do I force them to choose 1 class for 1 player (henceforth known as The Leader)?

That gives me a good idea. Since Maia mentioned giving each character their own personality, why not also give them their own experiences? Force the player to choose one of the characters and a basic class, mark that character as the "leader", and have their choice slightly affect their path through the game. =)

Missiongarde Worldbuilding -- countries for sale!

He likely wanted it expanded, or was just using it as an example. Either way, to maintain consistency, it would be wise to use the names and time periods already established.