Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Nightblade you failed in your mission, you have not made feel bad about my game or ABS. You just have made me want to work at it even harder and release it even sooner. Thanks.

Umm... that was kinda also his mission, even if it didn't sound like it.

And I agree with what arcan said, but I really don't know what meaning Nightblade was trying to get across when he said that the boss sprite was 'clunky'. If you can make something custom that better fits the mood, more power to you, but otherwise it doesn't look 'terrible' to me.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

I would have thought it obvious simply by LOOKING at the damn thing..

Even if you held both videos side-by-side, the other person would just be constantly asking "is this thing what you want?" "Is that thing what you want?" "Do I include this?" "Do I uninclude that?" because you didn't actually say what parts the video does good that the other person would want to apply. His only reaction would be, at best, to just take bits and pieces and 'test' it out on you to see if it you don't give the same tired response, which quite frankly, is a shitty path to improvement that is completely unnecessary.

If this is the stuff that passes for good around here; well - enjoy your slow death.

Why do you even feel the need to say things like that? You write your words really careless like this, then act bewildered when people call you an ass.

Let me tell you about what a UI should be.


Where the hell was all this in your last few posts? I mean, if it really pains you to say so much, you could have condensed it down without it losing its meaning, but what you said before isn't even close in meaning or value as what you said just now, it wasn't a condensed version so much as it was just condescending.

You need to do this more often.

EDIT: Also...

As much as I hate seeing screenshot threads go through hell, I'm going to agree that this isn't NB's fault. Seriously dudes, all he did was post a video.

People are not taking offense to him posting a video, so much as how he responded to someone actually believing the original material was good for what it was. (unfathomable, right?!)

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Something about the very clean road and boxes seems off when put next to those damaged buildings. I'd either damage up the boxes and the road a bit, or make the buildings look a little less like they were ripped straight from a photograph (add more defining lines and such). And also, I'm having some issues with the perspective on that crater (at least, I think it's a crater), but it may just be the way that's it's cut off by that gate at the top of the screen. Put some space between it and the gate, and let's see how it looks then.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Yes, because telling him exactly whats wrong, showing him an example of something better, and telling him the truth isn't helpful in the slightest.

No, simply telling him the truth and showing him an example of something better DOES NOT help - that just gives people the impression that they may as well give up. Telling him exactly what's wrong would help along with those things, if that's actually what you did:

Barring the terrible and oversized UI, all I see is a very clunky picture over-reacting to small hits given by the playable character.

... But I don't call "terrible UI" or "clunky picture" or anything else you said as being very specific or useful criticism. What's "terrible" about it? What's constitutes the picture being "clunky"? Yes, you need to provide those things. No, we don't care if you don't want to, you can always just not say anything and/or go away.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

I don't get angry when someone does something wrong, I get annoyed when people give something praise to something that doesn't deserve it. Everyone is falling over themselves over something that most anyone outside of this community would look at and say "wtf is this shit?". This is one of the reasons why Rpgmaker has such a shitty reputation.

Well being a grumpy grouch won't convince anyone to act differently; it just makes you look like a troll who should find someplace else to be.

If you want things to change, you need to work harder than simply giving superficial criticism that doesn't lend any useful help or inspire the other person to want to do better. If you don't care enough to do that, that's your problem, not theirs. Enjoy having to watch people claim shit is gold until you do, or better yet, just GTFO.

How willing are you to investigate?

Oh hush, at least it's legible now.

How willing are you to investigate?

I usually do not really look that much. Especially in the beginning. It is only when I started to think about a game that I begin to search everything. And I always like a game so much more if it is worthwhile to examine once I start.

Of course I am usually happy with just small details. The newspaper in Arcanum eg Things that makes everything seem so much more alive. Perhaps you could call it "deep". That it is not just Potemkin village all the way but when you look behind the curtain, there's really no where!

Of course it is not death, but especially important if you are playing a game more than once, one strives to ensure that the game is not bursting at once. That it provides little resistance even though you try the game a little:)

There you go.


In my game, I may have guns use ammo. And when you run out of bullets for the gun, your weapon is either stripped away or you lose the Attack command.

Dood, that's so what I wanted to do. Now I don't feel special anymore. ;_;

The importance of Music in a game

You guys suck. "That composer with the name that escapes me" is Hitoshi Sakimoto, and he is awesome. Long story short: FFT wouldn't be half the game it is without him, so yeah, music is very important for creating atmosphere and really drawing you into a game.

I, too, try to compose music, but I haven't really done any lately, either. I'm sure there's a thread lying around somewhere in the artistic section that lists some of my "work," if you feel like calling them that.

Release Something! Day VIII: Journey of the Cursed King [Releases]

The Warrior says the Mage lies. The Mage says the Thief lies. The Thief says that both the Mage and Warrior lie.

Warrior is (lying, telling the truth)
Mage is (lying, telling the truth)
Thief is (lying, telling the truth)

Only the mage is telling the truth.

For the thief to be telling the truth, both the warrior and the mage need to be lying, but the warrior can't be lying if the thief is telling the truth because the mage would clearly be lying about the thief being a liar. It also works inversely - if the warrior really is lying, it would mean that the mage was telling the truth about the thief lying. Therefore, it is impossible for the thief to be telling the truth - by consequence, the mage was right about the thief lying and is therefore telling the truth, making the warrior a liar for stating the contrary.

EDIT: You can even solve the problem with a bit of binary bit-flagging.

We start by assuming at all parties are telling the truth:

Warrior = true; Mage = true; Thief = true

The Warrior says the Mage lies.

Warrior = true; Mage = false; Thief = true

The Mage says the Thief lies. We've established that the mage lies so we leave as is.

Warrior = true; Mage = false; Thief = true

The Thief says that both the Mage and Warrior lie. That means that the warrior was lying about the mage lying, and that the mage was actually telling the truth, which means that the thief was lying.

Warrior = false; Mage = true; Thief = false

... Well, what'll ya know? =)