How often do you run from battles?

I don't run unless:
1) I'm trying to stay healthy for a boss
2) The enemy is way beneath my power-level - the experience is pointless.

Touch encounters go some way towards mitigating both. Rewarding the player something other than experience (i.e. Job points, weapon points, whatever) is very effective on the later. Then, I don't mind as much if I get stuck fighting some weak enemies since I can still get something out of the battle, and I run less as a result.

The straight up BEST Final Fantasy

What Eike said. End Topic.

So my time at RMN is coming to an end...

Why the hell is Runelords winning?

If I don't see some Missongarde, I will commit massive genocide on this forum. {/jk}

FFT 1.3

Played LFT up to Cellar of Sand Mouse. I can definitely see the experimentation potential, but it's no longer appealing without something strong to pit my ideas against. And knowing that I won't get the challenge until the Colliery Battles (which are even more uber-hard in 1.3, mind) is disappointing.

I will still play this when I'm not recording 1.3, because I am a <3er of Tactics at heart and still miss the level of customization 1.3 restricts at times.

FFT 1.3

The enemies in 1.3 are actually level-balanced just like random battles - they are usually at your exact level, or maybe slightly higher. It was done to prevent the exact thing you were talking about: grinding to level 99 to remove all challenge from the game.

For that reason, I think I prefer the rather difficult 1.3 to LFT. The point of balancing in 1.3 was to remove all means for the player to circumvent challenge within the game. For example, aside from the level-balancing I just described, Brave/Faith modification was removed because it was permanent in certain amounts, so you can have 90+ brave units that always pull off reactions (like Blade Grasp. =P)

1.3 is balancing for the sake of difficulty, while LFT is balancing for the sake of experimentation. I thought I'd like the latter alot, too, but I'm starting to prefer the former, so the experimentation doesn't go to waste. Looking at the modifications, it looks like LFT is really just too easy for my tastes. (I might still try it some time, though)

How To Make a (Craze-) Game

Hey, what happened to that other thread you made about balancing character roles?

Final Fantasy X-2

Sphere Break was more fun than a pillow fight

Sphere Break = Sock'em Boppers? :O


FFT 1.3

I wouldn't put it against Square to do so, but I don't think it's elaborate enough for them to want to.

Its strength is its simplicity and straight-forwardness.

FFT 1.3

[Community Project] Missiongarde -- Class refining in progress

I don't think anyone else would make a better lead for this project. Max tried his hand in it, and so far he hasn't progressed any further than you, AFAIK. I'd take up the reigns, except I'm kinda busy with this whole FFT 1.3 Playthrough thing.

I'd probably vote to keep you, if there even needs to be a vote.