Iron Gaia Mafia!

I will remember that, thanks. Good game.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

I agree, the decisive vote rests. Let's end this game!

##vote Natook

Iron Gaia Mafia!

It's also pretty convenient that you came to announced having watched what had happened only after I already stated that I was attacked. It's very easy to pick from there, with your alibi, and state that you saw the whole thing to get us to vote Tonfa off.

Voting Tonfa is too risky, anyways. If he's telling the truth, killing him will result in one of us dying. Does that count lynching, as well? If so, then town is pretty much screwed if he's voted, which would be convenient for you if you're Mafia - no matter who he kills, the best possible scenario for tomorrow would be myself (town) and the roleblocker in a stalemate, which Oto wouldn't allow to happen.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

There's also the possibility, as well, that both you and Liberty are mafia (one's a roleblocker, the other a killer) and the game hasn't ended yet because if we lynch the Roleblocker, Tonfa can kill the other and town will still win.

So it's all a matter of whether Tonfa was roleblocked by being directly prohibited from killing someone (like GOG did me) or if we was roleblocked by his intended target not dying.

If it's the former, you're Mafia, and if it's the later, he's a Serial Killer.

I'm leaning on the former, though, because I still don't think there's supposed to be more than one Rover.

Iron Gaia Mafia!



Iron Gaia Mafia!

Someone stabbed me last night, but I was protecting myself so the attempt failed.

Now I need you to tell me if a failed attempt is still considered a roleblock.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

I guess I verification as to "how" you were roleblocked...

If it's the way I think it is, your Mafia. Otherwise, it's Natook.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

Tonfa, you lying prick! I roleblocked you! I'm the doctor, remember?

##vote Tonfa

Hey where is my RMN3?!

Wow, that's back when I was still lurking.

Makes me miss the old logo, it was thinner.

Iron Gaia Mafia!

Not even close, my naive little friend.

Natook, this has to end now. If you don't vote Ark, it'll be no lynch and if what Tonfa said is true, he'll be forced to kill one of us tomorrow whether we're town or not. I don't want to leave all of our chances in his hands alone, do you? That's a lot of pressure...