I'm Dusk Golem, aka AestheticGamer. You can also just call me Ryan. I work on small RPG Maker horror games for contests and pleasure, that usually tell cryptic surreal stories and were made relatively quickly. Most of my games either feature mostly original or completely original graphics, art, and music. However, I also work on much bigger and developed games as well. My first big developed RPG Maker game I'm working on slowly over time is Complete Isolation. In the meantime, I work and release smaller things here and there, they're good practice and learning experiences.
Red Haze
A twisted and cryptic take on the classic Red Riding Hood story.




I'll definitely be joining up for this. Gimme' a mid-to later segment after February if available, I'll be busy in February with my own project crunch while my artist has free time, but I should have free time in March-May. I also think my segment I am concocting in my head could work later in, I sorta' want to see what other people have come up with and going to try my hand at a really surreal and mood-focused "wrong feeling" area to try and fit in with the narrative, and focus on using some mostly original music for my segment I can whip up.

Really curious how each person's stuff comes together, should be fun to see.

Close Your Eyes - The Twisted Puzzle

Also this game keeps disappearing off the Full Games List and I have no idea why.

Close Your Eyes - The Twisted Puzzle

Sorry to the one person who downloaded it early, was one big bug when launching, but re-uploaded the download and it's fixed now.

Close Your Eyes: Intermission

Wow the garphic looks cool \( ' v ' )/

If you think they're cool here, wait until the stuff I'm not showing. The hard thing about selling this project is its whole point is mystery, and I want to show as little as possible; IE, all the boring stuff and keep everything that makes this title exciting a secret. It's stylized like an ARG with light Creepypasta tones so showing much more would spoil part of it.

But I do hope to surprise people with this. I'll just say there's a lot more to this project that I'm not showing and want people to discover themselves, which is the most I can say.

Close Your Eyes: Redux

Theres this error every time I try to play. have redownload multiple times
unable to find file:

Oh my, give me a couple days and I will fix this versions upload. However, if you go to Steam (where this game is free there) it should be working. I think I know what went wrong here though and will fix when I have a chance.

Red Haze

Bought it!

I hope you enjoy it, it's been very interesting to design even if I'm working on some post-release content right now, but that's for players who get a number of the endings really.

Red Haze

Steam link added, and uploaded a small little demo for Red Haze as well.

Red Haze

Finalized release date is February 6th-8th, working hard to meet it and getting close to done.

Red Haze

AND getting closer to done. I am gunning right now for a November 21st release date, see how that fairs.

Hollow Bliss

Working hard to meet the date of November 25th, the Steam Store Page is now live: