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Greetings and welcome to Aethers' Forge - pretty much where I am going to post my art drawing... stuff.
My name is Aethers (was s_w in case of confusion) and I am yer host. Anyway, I was never good with intro, so here's a short faqs:

Yer a stranger to me! Tell me bout yerself, sonny!
I am an old lurker/member in here but has been inactive for ages. Long story short: Real life happens; been away for a few years; decided to got back three month(-ish) ago; life enjoy ironies - so stuff happened soon after and I got pretty occupied. So I was gone, again.
Hopefully things will be ok this time round tho'

Hot dang! I didn't ask fer' yer life story. So what is this thread about?
Recently I start to think about improving my drawing skill again after being absent for so many years - the usual, colouring (which I am terrible at) and pixel (feels awkward after didn't do it proper for a long while). While I was wondering about the best way to doing it, I remembered the old daily art thread and how it helped really? me in the past so I want to try something similar again.

Ahoy! That doesn't explain anything ya know!
Basically, this thread is going to be updated daily..ish -'cause I am realistic- but hopefully pretty frequent. As for the content, I decided to share some designs from my list of it-will-be-done-when-it-is-done games, some games I fancy and whatever else crossed my mind I guess.
I figured while I would feel much easier to talk about, get my stuff organized, get me inspired periodically, maybe share some ideas with the others, get feedbacks (maybe) no, really, please don't hold back and comment! It's lonely here, wait shit, that's creepy. You know, fun stuff and magic.

Mah Boi, you are threading on thin ice here!
Yeah, I know, artist and commitment right? Good thing I ain't one. HAHAHAHA

Yer pretty full of yerself kiddo, why I oughta...
I know I ain't that great of an artist doodler, but hopefully I'll get better as this thread goes on and can leave some good impression on ya' all. As for the rest of us the more cynical sort, you know, even if this thread is gonna be a friggin trainwreck, let's watch the fireworks together.

That ain't the way to handle the sword, boy. Here's how you do it
Yep, if anyone wanted to help me with my sub par works, feel free to point out your observations. I do apologize in advance because I might get lazy about doing re-touches (most of these are going to be sketches/scraps!) but I will keep it in mind for future stuff tho'. I short, if you wanna show me how it's done, feel free to hurt my feelings. You meanie.

Min maxing shouldn't be allowed. In fact, I think the player should be deprived of any luxuries. Keep 'em weak and on their toes, and when they least expect it, you give 'em the ol' good guillotine. And they'll love it! cause it's CHALLENGING their reflexes!
Feel free to talk about gaming stuff here too when it is relevant (ex, I posted some design words words words or talk about games). Just... if it's too derailing, try using PM or spoiler tag (is it working now?)

Anyway, enjoy.

[Rm2k3] Best way to make a variable-comparing calculation?

Hello, like the title said, is there an easy way to make the system "sort" the variable; as well as comparing it to find (for example) the highest value?

Specifically, it is something like a SPEED stat based calculation in battle. That is, the person with the highest SPEED would act first, followed by the next highest etc etc.
A : 10 SPD
B : 8 SPD
C : 9 SPD

So A will act first, followed by B, and then C.
However, I have NO idea how to implement this in simple coding (is there a Function for this?). I tried making a counter that goes down (highest goes first), but it does get a bit messy and ended up with a pretty long loop, especially with huge number.

So uh, please help?

I remember seeing an old RM2k3 game with battle system like GRANDIA series. There is a bar with moving icon and all that; Something like that would work too. So if you know how to make that (the basics, like how many variables I need, which FUNCTION to use, how to set it up and all that) please let me know!

Requesting pointers for pixel work [Updated 13/03]

Can say that "YES" I am a bot in the topic maker questiiion??

Anyway, here's my latest work and I am stumped for a while now

(original size to make it easier to edit)

Basically I am asking your help to well... point out the flaws in the color department (or anything else if you think it's important).

For some reason I just can't come up with a good enough color for this piece. Normally I'd use blue hue as shadow, but in this case, the color is suppose to be reddish-violet (think, fire) so I can't really 'cheat' with blue.

Honestly it looks damp, and well... can't say I am satisfied with how it turns out. So what do you think? How do I fix it? Changing it to pinkish instead? Increase the brightness? Use rainbow color? Delete it? Call it a day?

In all seriousness though, I'd really appreciate any pointers, please feel free to edit it to make your point. Oh and since it's WIP, and origiounal!Tm resource, please do not keep it more than 24 hour in your computer.

Frame it instead.

The progression is LEFT ---> RIGHT
I start with white color, then change it part by part.

Rm2k3 Oddities in Windows7

Hello, I am wondering if any of you running Rm2k3 in Windows 7 also face these problems :

1. Can't use F5 to reduce the size in testplay with Fullscreen mode
Always thought this is possible?

2. Screen... tearing?
I faced this problem a few years back and have changed my machine twice since then (for reasons unrelated to this problem though). However, the issue persists!
To describe it : When I move in map (larger than 15x20) there is a "line" going down from the top.

Someone said it is because my machine is too fast so the loading is a bit messed up. Uh, any other way around this? No, Vsync doesn't work since the only setting is for 3d and I am pretty sure Rm2k3 hasn't advanced that far yet.

Thanks !

[Rm2k3] Question/Request : Tips to create a custom enemy AI in DBS?

Greetings, making a modified DBS enemy AI has been my goals for a while now. However, I can't seem to pull it off...efficiently. Thus I wonder if any of you have some insight on how to make:

(Note: It doesn't have to be the working code, just idea on which function to use (and actually can be pulled off) would be great)

1. Scripting enemy attack
I find it quite easy to make a custom skill (calculation and execution and whatnot) because there is the "If enemy x is targetted" trigger. However, there is no such thing for the heroes themselves (I think..?) so it's a bit tougher to try and emulate enemy attacks...

I thought of assigning it to random value (if 1 then attack hero 1) or "HAAAATE VALUE" - which should be kind of easy, but then, if I am to allow multiple party members (switchings) this method hits the wall again.

Simply put, it'd be a piece of cake if you have a static party, person A to C. But if the party ranges from A-Z (no), it's.. going to be tedious I think.

So the main question is :
A. what do you think of this method and
B. Is there an easy method to assigning target (enemy to heroes) that basically is (depending on the roll) "if party member 1 is attacked" instead of "if A is attacked" ? I can think of using storing variables but I'd like to hear any alternatives

2. Skills duplicates and execution?
Right, now the problem on the heroes' side. AGAIN, it shouldn't be easy if you have a static party, OR like in Alter Aila where it's always the same MP value used in the attack ("Variables" "checks MP" -- "if reduce by 2 then hero A is using skill A" and "if reduce by 4, then Hero A use skill B" so on).

It's pretty hard to pull off, but at least there isn't tons of trigger.

Now, if the heroes can learn skill from the same pool, this one starts to get really tedious as well. I.e duplicating the whole skill for each hero (ex. HERO A skill A switch and so on). Not to mention that there will be tons of trigger as the result in the monster group....

So the main issue is : Is there a way to organize skill for ease of scripting apart from using the variable method above (assuming you want minimize triggers and using custom calculation. Man, I am not even sure if you can assign target to SWITCH type skill so this might be a moot method)


Thanks for the read, any tips?

Aside from abandon Rm2k3, use VX, or wait for Rm2Million (the latter sounds pretty nice, though I dunno when it's gonna be finished).

If it's any help my goal was to allow:
1. Changing Resistance in battle (so it has to be custom)
2. Easier Defense stat calculation
3. Multiple hit skill (random??)
4. Alas, benefits of using skill or action (see Etrian Odyssey III) such as countering, healing and provoking

Requesting the source of these charsets

Hello, I am looking for these charsets' sources

Any help would be appreciated.

Also... Instead of making a 2nd topic, I opt to ask this here to save space:

Is there a way/method in Rm2k3 to alter the hero's stat to a value using variables instead of adding/reducing it?

For example I use small values in my game so defense stat is low. Now to be effective defense stat HAVE to be high. So I decide to alter it everytime the battle starts. Rm2k3 only allow me to reduce/increase it - which is still doable but takes a bit more work and calculation.

So is there an easy way to set it to "x" instead?

Thanks in advance!

Img tag is broken?

[Rm2k3] shift button = instantenous message?

Does anyone else noticed this? I just realised it recently when playing hellion (holding down shift button while talking). Basically it overrides slow messages or bypass auto message (that doesn't prompt the player to press action button).

I can't find this via help file so I want to know whether this is useable or not (i.e. can cause problems in the game etc etc).


Hello! I have already joined a few weeks ago, but I never really introduce myself so here I go (I am still getting used to this site).

My nick is actually Sleeping_Wind, but since everyone usually use SW, so I stick with s_w for now (also I forgot to use caps; it's suppose to be S_W but it's all right).

I also frequent GW in the past, but usually just lurk (probably going to do that here too) around in the game making or graphic art section. One of the main reason of me joining here is because the screenshot topic in GW is getting slow, while here it was still active (screenshot topics is now prohibited here?? noooo).

Currently working solo on a Rm2k3 Game project. That is all.

Anyway, nice meeting you all !
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