Addicted player, played most of the rpg's out there for the Snes, Genesis and PC platforms...Meaning I usually have a hard time finding a good game...

No patience for making games, but paradoxicaly have tons of ideas...If anyone interested in a script reviewer and advisor message me...I'm also a literatures, cultures and history student, so I have a bit more of background than just games and tons of movies and books...

Also my english is not bad, but it's not good either, sorry for all the mispelling here and in posts, but I can hardly picture myself going over what I wrote just for detecting grammar errors...better off spending time playing or viewing some movie...





Well mister know it all this game is still in development and far away from a being a final product, and your wannabe criticisms only slow down the production and disrupt his creativism...Also the last thing you would call me is a suck up, I judge people's actions for what I think they are worth, and rarely I say that a game is good, like this one further I only seek to improve his motivation to complete the game.

I think you should focus in finishing your games which seem to have a lot of potencial and not in disrupting others work by spending time with foolish things like presentation during the production of a demo.

Good riddance...


Nico make the game using your gut and your own instincts, been doing well till now, please focus more in history and content and less in details like these stupid screen adjustments...keep up the good work, and dont rush it :D

Fuck It Review

fallen-griever (idiot) should be westnothed in the arse 1000 times in a row --- no mercy!!...cheers to all westnoth players :D


can someone answer me this question? During the tutorial on events it says we get rewards for completing events, and I happen to have completed the cat copter (took at least 15 tries <.<) but there seems to be no reward whatsoever, any insights into this?

The Tiamat Sacrament

This game would look uberlicious if you remade it with vx, graphics look inferior to 2k

ps: I spent 4,5 hours in wow trying to fish a sewer rat, which let to a inventory with around 2k fish and me quitting the game saying wtf am I doing with my lfe <.<

Final Fantasy Dreams Review

why don't you upload the whole thing corrected? you know most people are lazy, even more if they just want to find a game to kill some time, which means you should have the work not them..

I think the game looks really good so I will do it, but other people might not be familiar with final fantasy and won't give a rat's ass for a lazy uploader...I'm not familiar with the uploading system, is it that bad?

Another thing, if you correct the thing, you will see that a whole lot of comments will be about the game's good features and not the bad ones, and even the score might rise. And yes, people might just make comments t say that the game is awesome and not to call you lazy rofl


PS: someone should beat Bush not around him ;)

Fuck It Review

It's true that the game has some issues, it starts really nice and amusing but gets a bit boring....still the game does deserve much more credit than what is given in this review.

Krayg continue the good work, and everyone else for a true review of the game chek out Carvonica's.

PS: what score would you give to your own games grieved?

Final Fantasy Dreams

this looks really good :)

Btw auto phoenix is from VII originally, because you could mix a phoenix and final attack materias, also in VIII it was possible to have auto phoenix if you had phoenix pinions but the auto was random (my brother got lucky enough for it to trigger during the fight with omega and was able to win the fight lolz)

StarFront: Factions

This game might turn out very good, but it still needs a lot of improvement.

For example allow mouse buttons to be used for fire and secondary fire.

If I were you I would look up games like Starscape and puzzle quest galatrix for ideas
(I really love this type of games and those two have tons of stuff)


Forever's End

you sir are a chrono trigger addict :P
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