Participation in the Game Making Community

Feld suggested something like this years ago just so you know. And uh, you are just saying what a bad review is.

So what happened? Did just no one do it, or did it fail for some unforseen reason, or what?

Participation in the Game Making Community

I think a large part of the problem is that the idea of making your own game and having people talk about it is simply more exciting than the idea of playing some random person's game and giving them feedback. Perhaps if we, as members of the community, tried to put more stress on what we learned from playing other indie games, we could get more people to play them.

So, in our reviews, and when we talk about games on their comment pages, instead of just saying things like, "It's pretty," or, "It's got poor story," also mention, "This game does X really well, and it helped improve my own gamemaking skills." It's an approach that attempts to hook some of the excitement of making your own game into playing other people's. It's not . . . idealistic, perhaps, but I think it seems reasonable.


Three the Hard Way Review

I don't think you can viably count multiple playthroughs as added length to the game = p Like you said, you can only kill 4 each time, and I believe you can only take one of those routes per playthrough, right? It's certainly impressive, and adds replay value, but I don't think that's necessarily the same thing as game length.

That's interesting that the other 3 Lords are there though, I missed that. Is it possible to decipher what they were originally planning before you-know-what happened?


I'm gonna try to write down what I just woke up from before I forget it.

I was driving around aimlessly when I decided to visit my old junior high school, which is 300 miles from here. Fortunately, I arrived there immediately, and when I did, I decided to enroll (for perspective, I'm 25).

It was at this point that I discovered I had the ability to teleport myself anywhere on earth by writing "log (coordinates of place I wish to go)" in a greasy skillet. I used this to teleport myself and my boyfriend all over the planet. At one point I teleported to my place of work and my boss made me work off the clock. Then I accidentally teleported us into these random people's house and forgot how to get us back.

Somehow, we did get back, and I checked all my sites once I got home. On this site, I had a message from Craze. He was telling everyone about the creation of his new subforum where the only rule was you had to type in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME.

For some reason, it was this portion of the dream that my brain decided to go, "Whafuck?" at, and I woke up. Unfortunate. That subforum sounded like fun.

More stress should be put on custom graphics

I thought that was obvious dude. I never said graphics/sound were better than game mechanics, I'm stating that they're equal footing. A good game in my mind is a well executed experience where all aspects work together to give fun to the player.

Thank you = )

More stress should be put on custom graphics

Considering most of your posts were just poor attempts to be witty, yeah.

Oh, lord. I've been angry once today, I'm not gonna do it again :p Are you going to clarify your position?

More stress should be put on custom graphics

Then why the insistence on the ascendency of graphics and sounds over gameplay and story?

Well, you said that games were nothing without good graphics / music / sound effects. That, to me, implies that you feel they are more important than gameplay. Do you feel that was an unreasonable assumption on my part?

More stress should be put on custom graphics


If I was picky on semantics (Which I'm not, really), then I'd say that game mechanics is a much better term to use than GAMEPLAY.

Haha. Welcome to the English language, dude. Would you like to park on my driveway? = )

More stress should be put on custom graphics

Then why the insistence on the ascendency of graphics and sounds over gameplay and story? I mean, I can understand using the art style as a key point of immersion, but it's come across like you feel that's the only thing that matters.

EDIT: Actually, you did list story as something important, didn't you? My bad.

More stress should be put on custom graphics

Darken, maybe I misunderstood you. When I saw:

I'm tired of this overused bullshit term. It's 'game mechanics' not gameplay. And when you call it game mechanics, it doesn't sound so flashy does it? That said, many people are so high and mighty with their game mechanics that they fail to realize that games are nothing without their graphics (I dont mean if a game is 8bit I mean if a game actually had no graphics whatsoever) they are nothing without their music, they are nothing without their sound effects, they are nothing without their save the princess story.

I took it to mean that you thought games were nothing without those things. In the argument that followed, 'graphics / music / sound' did perhaps get simplified down to 'graphics', and if you feel that's inaccurate or unfair I can understand why. However, while all those things are good, I still feel it's valuing style over substance.
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