I am here to make games and chew bubblegum. And I still have 2 packs of bubblegum so this may take awhile.
Follow Maisie on a quest across the fantastical world of Arcadea to find someone precious to her....




This room feels a tad empty, maybe some more tables and chairs could help? Then again I do like how there's exactly three tables.

Light effects look great, as per usual :D

The room will actually be filled with NPCs! And the sprites are pretty big so it actually looks pretty even in-game haha xD

Thank you so much <3

What is this exactly? A bakery?

Yep! A bakery/cafe hybrid of sorts haha


Oh! I'm really liking the look of this game. Great looking atmosphere and some very pretty art. Mini games sounds fun. Subbed.

Thanks for the support :D


Looks really promising! I'm sure the story will lead to know the uglier or darker side of some characters.

Thank you!
Wahaha, I wouldn't say uglierrr sides! Maybe just parts of them that make them flawed human beings like everyone else C:


Ferris is awesome! Pretty unique use of colour for the tail.

Thanks so much <333 Glad you like him! He's a cool cat c:


loli, in and of itself is a fine term. The -con added to the end is where the issue lies and it's the full term lolicon that is most often associated with sexualisation of little girls (the whole 'helpless innocent defiled' bullshit that some people find 'sexy'. ew)

That said, originally it was an expression of female power in Japan, where young ages for marriage led to sexualisation of young teen girls. Thus the fashion to make themselves look much younger (and thus, not legal) came in, becoming a way to turn male glances away from them. Unfortunately, when it came over to Western shores it became sexualised again - something that was supposed to deter sexualisation and enhance a woman's power by forcing men to look away, being twisted to become 'sexy'.

Makes me a bit sick to think about it, honestly, and sad.


All that aside, I really like the art direction of the game as shown so far, and the palette is really nice. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for clearing that up Liberty! And wow, the history is pretty interesting (and sad).

Thanks so much! I'm glad the art is nice looking! I hope everything else is also great haha xD -working hard on mechanics-


Awww, Ferris is absolutely adoraballs. I really like the dreamy feel to this map too. Those trees are looking really fuzzy <3

Thanks so much Frogge! Haha yep! Dreamy is what I was going for! Of course the map is still missing some things right now but I'm glad the feeling got through!

OMG!!! I definitely agree with Frogge! Ferris looks soooooo cute!!! >u< besides i loooooove cats!!!
As for the map, it looks sooo magical and the pastel colors which you used helped to make that dreamy atmosphere really much! Looooove it!!!! Well done ;)

Wahhh thanks! Ferris is quite adorable yes <3 With the parallax and effects, the map looks even more dreamy in-game *_*



LOL Thank youu ~


So excited for this game to come out!

Thank you! C:


There's a lot of problems with the whole lolicon thing. Mainly, westerners don't use the term properly, don't understand it's origins, and throw it around way too much, leading to even more misinformation.

Art style plays a lot into how a character looks. On one hand, you have Koge Donbo, who's adults sometimes look like they're in elementary school. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Hirohiko Araki, who's kids sometimes have an adult's musculature. So on that note, I'm surprised to hear that Maisie is 17. I guessed her to be about 12. So yeah, artist style matters a whole lot.

Yeah I get that xD My art style does make characters look really young. It's probably from being a huge fan of Aoki Ume LOL Hopefully, the ages become more apparent when you see the characters in the game o:

Also the picture in the menu is supposed to be a chibi version of Maisie! Her actual character art is definitely not that short looking.


Did you draw her?

Yes I did c: