A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
Hello, I´m writing this on 2022 February.

I am Akari the peanut. I love indie rpg games since many many years ago, I played them a lot. I wanted to contribute to them, so I started doing reviews for many other games, which was tiring but made me very happy.

I won´t be active here ´til new notice. I will connect sometimes to chat and read messages, but no more than it. Life, my friend. Life is what happens, and I am not the youth that played these games and wrote these reviews.

However, I am very very happy to have been actively in this community and helped it´s grow, no doubt. My time spent here was fruitful.

¿Do you know that this word means a lot from me? Fruitful. So many things I´ve been doing in former jobs and my actual job, in past relationships and friendships, that have had not even get close to the meaning these games offered me.

This was worth living.

Thank you. :)

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