A lazy teenager's spirit in a mid 20 adult's body
Hello, I´m writing this on 2022 February.

I am Akari the peanut. I love indie rpg games since many many years ago, I played them a lot. I wanted to contribute to them, so I started doing reviews for many other games, which was tiring but made me very happy.

I won´t be active here ´til new notice. I will connect sometimes to chat and read messages, but no more than it. Life, my friend. Life is what happens, and I am not the youth that played these games and wrote these reviews.

However, I am very very happy to have been actively in this community and helped it´s grow, no doubt. My time spent here was fruitful.

¿Do you know that this word means a lot from me? Fruitful. So many things I´ve been doing in former jobs and my actual job, in past relationships and friendships, that have had not even get close to the meaning these games offered me.

This was worth living.

Thank you. :)



[Devlog] Streamlining The Game

Great! Even though I liked this game, I indeed though it was tedious with the complex interface, I think this is a step forward.

Wanna Try the Demo of the IGMC Version!?

I'm on, do you want feedback oriented mostly to battles or in general ?


Daaaammnnn ain´t she pretty!

Tunnels of Doom Version 1.3.1 is out! + Taking a small break.

Congratulations!!!! That must've been a hell of a workload. Go ahead & take some rest!

Game Update might be delayed... but for a good reason!

Hey pal! How are things going? I remembered something I wanted to say but ended up forgetting; Do you want to make the new version´s story mode as big as in the version I played? cause that is gonna be an awfully large job to develop if you want to go through all the levels intended

I was thinking on the experience that the game´s modes offers.

Like, how about a more small (hence kinda easy to explore) "dungeon" in story mode, that include town events as you pointed out, character´s history and other adventure rpg-like aspects --> that offers a mix of adventure-fantasy and dungeon gameplay

And then your classic mode displays a full dungeon experience, with large, randomized dungeons and challenging monsters to explore. So from my point of view it´s okay to make dungeons in story mode less large/complex on that sense.

I guess it would be like "story mode: for adventure players that want to get a good dungeon feeling" and "classic mode: do you dare exploring the depths of a real men, top-notch dungeon?"

And that also allows you have less work to do.

What do u think?

Features in next update... 100 Downloads and a Review!

If you're looking for game testers maybe would be good to post in the job board, or help me sections? https://rpgmaker.net/portal/community/

Thanks for the publicity, I'm out of words hahaha ^_^

Shock and Speechlessness 2: The Shockening

Congratulations pal!!! your game really deserves it, I´m already out of words besides the review and messages and all that.

Many of us have played the masterpieces like The Witch´s House, Ib, Mad Father etc, so end up expecting kinda little about modern indie rpg´s, like you don´t feel you´ll feel so excited again. Your game was able to prove otherwise. More that three misaos implies many more exciting and great games can appear in the future and that really gives you motivation to keep in touch with indie´s.

You´re a good guy too I think, nice to meet you through rmn!

All of us will be expecting the sequel!!

Thank you everyone

I don't remember if I did congratulate you for umbral soul;either way it was one of the more interesting and catching RPG games I've played, damn it deserved to be a featured game. So glad to know it was so meaningful... Well, who would think so many good things would be born from an RPG game? Life sure is surprising!

Version 1.1 Ready for Download

I think I commented this already? Either way, I am happy that it came out, will play soon and feel very excited about it :D

Full Game Download Now Available!

Yeeees, I have been waiting for the game! I have high hopes, will play it as soon as I can :D
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