Tales from another realm.

Since the beginning of time, countless civilizations have used art as a medium to transmit ideas, emotions and concepts. Games are a form of art and through it we tell stories.
Miraculo Island
Adventure visual novel game set in an island with a touch of mystery, horror, comedy and more!




This is the second time in a week that I play a game related with trains...
You know... it's funny because the prototype name for this project was "Midnight Train" or "Midnight Express" something like that xD I'm glad I changed it, it was just too plain :P

Thanks for the review! And I'm glad you had some fun :)


I'm stuck on Hell's Guardian. Is there any way I can level up some more? I feel extremely under-powered.
Never mind. I was only focusing on the body. I'm really stuck at the Reaper though. I can bring him down to about 1/4 health before he wipes the floor with me. Any tips or equipment I should be using?

Ah, sorry. It's been a while since I have visited this site lol.

I hope you already cleared it. But if not here is a tip for the Reaper: Go full physical damage equipment (weapon: Agony & Death, armor: Mask of Madness). Make the dog Growl to buff Attack stat :)


there a quest related with the creepy cloud?
No, sorry xD It was an event (like a few others) that didn't make it to this rushed version.

I know you asked for a guide or something, but really the game is not as long/complex as it seems to be. If you saved the four nations and do all world events available then you can say you've seen almost all there is :)


hi akumugames.one question:
how i can pass to the next day in general?

Hello. You can only pass time to the next day in important world events. If you run out of events, you'll have to Hybernate but that will force you to the deadline (day 30). There's no way around this, since there's little to no point advancing the date day by day if you run out of events.

I hope that helped.


I wouldn't want to spoil the story too much by doing that. I'd rather you discover out the different outcomes by yourself :3 It doesn't matter if you don't get them all, choose what feels right to you and see how it turns out :3

That said, I recommend you to save the four main nations to make the most of it xD!


one question and the game's good:
is possible a guide or something? because the elemental monsters( just i seen behemot and the dragon boy) are kinda dificult to defeat

Here's a quick guide about the mechanics of the elemental deities ordered by their current difficulty:
- Behemot (Terra): You have to take the mushroom buffs to be able to take down the wall boss. Their effects: Yellow (+Atk/Def), Green (+HP), Blue (+Sleep), Red (Damage). Use Foresight on Yellow mushroom then Green mushroom to take them down as soon as they spawn and then focus boss. Use basic Attack when you have the +Atk buff up. Keep at it.
- Volcano's Guardian (Ignis): Use Foresight on boss to focus your attacks, as soon as a minion is about to be sacrificed, focus it with Foresight and take it down. Repeat. You must not kill the non-sacrificed minions early or you'll take a lot of damage from Heat Wave.
- Sunken Artifact (Aqua): Every four turns it will attempt to swap HP with you (Borrow Time). Just make sure to use Protect every time you see "Time dilates..." message. I recommend starting the fight with basic Attack and when it is about to fall use Smite+.
- Unstable Nebula (Caeli): Just move around, don't get too close to it and spam Right Click to shoot arrows.

If anything, Gabrelik made a LP in which he managed to take down them down:

Good luck! And sorry for the troubles, both the Terra and Ignis bosses will be nerfed in the due update :c But it's very important that you know how to use the skill Foresight for these fights: Foresight on a target lasts until the end of the battle or when reapplied.

After those the game becomes more chill. Though there's a secret side boss fight but I'll let you figure that out on your own ;)


The game is in need of a balancing -and some other couple of issues addressing- patch. It'll be updated when the contest ends but it is still beatable if you know what you are doing :) Or you can just ask here if you get stuck ;)

Anyway, enjoy!


xD! Thanks for the approve :D!

Edit: Oh wait, it's not approved yet :C!

official igmc participation station 2018

@Sam: I somehow did lol.

Anything can happen, really. I would be lying if I said luck isn't a variable. But I suspect this year will be more difficult for those who make use of default assets as the judges are not the same and are most likely attracted towards pretty titles (since they are casual gamers, not game developers like last year).

But honestly, it's just a fun event to participate in. I couldn't pass even after all that said.

Good luck!

official igmc participation station 2018