Love RPG Maker since Pro, never manage to release anything worth of value.




My fav screenshot so far!

Demon Summoning

An interesting addition! I get that this a way to fight additional super-bosses? Again, the art is really good, although maybe the background looks excessively blurry? Could be (almost sure indeed, noticed also the green coat on the right)the .gif quality.

Love that every character design have your unique style! That shows that the art in this game will be NEAT and you are a great artist!


Looks really good, this location must be impressive to look in-game. Congrats!

Lucifer's Repose

This is impressive, and could be really gorgeous in color. This means there will be tile based maps and parallax maps? Or are you revamping the whole thing?
P.S I'm still loving the tiles of the previous posts :)

Still trying to shake off the new year funk

I don't know what part of the development is burning you, but try to intersperse parts that you enjoy creating with more tedious ones. You have something wonderful in your hands and everyone can see that you have dedicated a lot of care and heart. Best of wishes, courage and strength!

Weapons and Party Members

You really put your souls in the animations and, men, they look gorgeous. Also no one mention it but the tileset, specially the stone faces are neat. I assume the whole game occur in this White Tower you mentioned in the halloween update, any chance we see a red-doomed-decadent-pestilent-devilish hell tileset?

Character introduction: Agdistis

So hell is literally a dog-eat-dog world xD also, wonder why they cast that such a large shadow! (They sure look menacing)

Really like the evil grin too :)

Let's have a look at the battle system

Interesting way of assign different forms. In other words, pretty clever way of doing 'new' things and take advantage of default assets. I like the way Turn-based games handles the in-battle transformation, for example I think you did pretty well in Doble Filo so I'm optimistic on how you are going to implement the system in this game.
Does PURGE use MP or WP? Hope to read furthermore in the future

This Is Not My Final Form

Just created an account just to post and subscribe here!

The game looks fantastic, the art style is at your best and the project overall is very promising.
Along with the thing that have been said, yes the font looks generic but i don't found it that hurtful. If only i had to put a snag to make a constructive criticism I would say that the gauge bars of HP, MP and WP are a bit soulless while the rest of the game's art overflow with personality.

So, that being said you just have a new subscriber, I will stay tuned to the news and read every blog entry!

Thank you for making this, ¡Te deseo la mejor de las suertes! :)

OFFTOPIC: Funny enough I just recently played and completed (around 3h took me) Doble Filo RPGmXP classic demo that i still had in and old pendrive, along other Hellsoft classics, and I found it both awesome and cringy (in a good way). After stalking a bit about your persona and discovered that you are making a new game my mind just blown!
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