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All Deaths Scene To Find Myself

OMG @_@ this game is totally insane. How much do you want to kill the players? lol Stop squashing her, please?!

I learnt the game is an extreme survival game and has an excellent work with moving objects and sound effects. Now I feel like I'm dead like her... The skeleton ghost(?) constantly popping up from the bottom of the screen is sometimes a bit funny though. He/She is kawaii. ^^

yeah sorry this game kinda extreme, hehe

and maybe I should re-design the main character

To Find Myself Review

Terima kasih gan atas dukungan dan reviewnya. saya sangat menghargainya

sebentar lagi saya sudah mau selesai skripsinya dan siap melanjutkan projeknya

Darkness Falls

Mantap jiwa
ane dukung gan


salam game RPG Horror tong


want to know where the secret ending is

here is the hint

Matryona's Last Night

how to get true ending?


mantap, numpang lewat cuy

salam game RPG Horror

To Find Myself


I really enjoyed the game--even the English wasn't that good... (I didn't really mind but I suggest you to search a proofreader. I'm Indonesian too, so I know it's hard to make game in English)

But, I stumble accross a problem
in the final chase, when I should mashing z button in the bathroom, how many time I've tried until the point I was going to break my z key, it didn't open. I wonder if there's another way to solve it, because i really want to finish the game...

hope you find a proofreader soon, cherio!
-regards, Fumaira

thx for support my game.
"ane ada skripsi, jadinya ane tunda dulu nih game"
"dan juga English ane payah jadinya ane susah membalas koment mereka"

you know, it's hard to find translator at my place.

in the bathroom, you must press the z key 184 times to open it.

To Find Myself

That was a good game! A bit long though, but well-made. I liked the sound and the art. There were no mayor bugs (just that the keys of my keyboard seemed to miss sometimes)

My suggestions are:

-first to make the game´s english better, that should be the biggest priority I believe
-adding some history about the cocoong legend. It could be good to put somewhere on a bookshelf a book that speaks about that legend. could help both to understand better the game and to add it to player´s general knowledge.
-Also Rhenanda´s story should have been developed throughout the game, not just a convenient flash memory at the ending.

*by the way, when I throw the flower base at the ghost, PLEASE SPECIFY IT´S > AND X AT THE SAME TIME, I died many times because I thought they pressed separately.

although your english needs a lot of work, the meaning of the situations can get accross the game. well-developed, I liked it! so many different ways to die >_<

Really liked the protagonist Rhenanda! I feel like we could know a bit more about her.

Good little scarejumps too. They were not really that scary at the end xD

And thank you for making this game! Maybe you will be critiziced but always remember that is way more easy to critizice than to make things right! You did a good job, I can guarantee that, so cheer up and do whatever you want with your games ;)

thank you for criticisms and suggestions, I'm really appreciate it.

I think I should hire someone to translate my game

To Find Myself

are you already open the cardboard?

I'm sorry, I think this game can't play in the windowed mode because I'm using "Auto Fullscreen Plugin"
I opened it with the mirrorshard. I tried 2013 but it is incorrect
hehe, "the password is something that is commonly used by people to make password"
maybe like his girlfriend's name, his number phone, or maybe his birthday

if you know what I mean
OMG i get it now!!! haha
Cant figure this password, someone help? :X

the password is the big brother"s birthday

you can find the clue in the cardboard
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