I like RPG's (I have been playing them since the SNES era !!) as they are my
favourite game genre
Tower Divers
A tale of young men and woman who seek to conquer something no - one has ever managed before



Filles Diable

Glad you've taken an interest in my game !!

Sorry to say tho I won't be working on this until later on in the year. The story - and the way the game played - didn't go down well with my playtester so I'm gonna take some time away from this project to work on another game called 'Faria' (the game's website is up now on RPG !!)


Thanks for your interest in my game!

I'm currently making a demo version of this game - hopefully it should be up sometime in June

Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle

Just looking at the characters is enough to make me want to play this game - hopefully you'll be releasing a demo soon !!

Filles Diable

Glad to hear it!! I'm also making a second game - the game page will be put up within the next few weeks.

I've actually been working on the other game longer than this one, so I should be able to upload a part of the game to play by sometime in May

Clarity's Edge

Just played your game demo and I have to say it's definitely the best MV game I've played so far - can't wait to play more !!!

Chains of Fate

I just finished playing your game and I really like it so far !!

However - and I hope you don't think badly of me for suggesting this - can I suggest that you change the transfer points between the maps ? Personally, I think it would be easier for anyone playing this game if you set the point that the player appears on the map just ahead of your transfer events - you see, a few times I accidently went back to a previous map when I didn't want to do so.

Aside from that, good job so far !!

Astagal - The Ether Warriors Saga

Thanks for the interest in my game - glad you're looking forward to it so much :)

My laptop is quite low spec - it has 4gb memory and a dual core 2.7ghz processor and the game has only a tiny bit of lag on a couple of the menu screens.

PS if you're wondering about the demo, all I can say (at this point) is that it should (hopefully) be uploaded sometime in February.

Astagal - The Ether Warriors Saga

Features page is now up - check it out if you wish !!

Astagal - The Ether Warriors Saga

I was busy yesterday so I didn't do the features page, but it's coming today!!

Eternal Twilight

I've just finished the latest demo of this game, and I really like it so far !!!

Both the story and the characters are interesting and I can't wait to see the rest of this game - this is definately the best game made on RPG MAKER MV I've played up until now ....
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