I like RPG's (I have been playing them since the SNES era !!) as they are my
favourite game genre
Tower Divers
A tale of young men and woman who seek to conquer something no - one has ever managed before



Music Samples

PLEASE NOTE : the ingame version of this song (Battle Theme 1) will be run at 110% speed.


This map is still in early development so I'm aware it looks pretty bare right now !

Filles Diable

Glad you've taken an interest in my game !!

Sorry to say tho I won't be working on this until later on in the year. The story - and the way the game played - didn't go down well with my playtester so I'm gonna take some time away from this project to work on another game called 'Faria' (the game's website is up now on RPG !!)


The plugin that changed the help text when the mouse pointer was hovering over certain parts of the screen wasn't working with Yanfly's Picture Button plugin, so I've decided to scrap the Help Text window. This shouldn't be a HUGE issue, as all of the menu buttons are pretty self explanatory.

Apart from that change, the final version of the menu should be pretty much the same as you see in this screenshot.

## UPDATE ## The help text window may get a redesign - if I can think of a way to make it work better, it might return.

## UPDATE 2 ## I've thought of a way to redesign it, so I think the help text will stay - but it'll be displayed slighty different to the screenshot here.

Voice Actors

Don't worry - I won't be releasing the demo until the voices are in.

Just wanted to say though - not EVERY line of text with the main characters will have voice acting. This is going to be quite a large game, so only the more important story scenes will have voices.

But .... I'm hoping to have voices in the battles too - however, that's not definate at this stage of development.


Just noticed that there's no symmetry with these buttons ... the bottom two will be moved one square down.


Thanks for your interest in my game!

I'm currently making a demo version of this game - hopefully it should be up sometime in June

Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle

Just looking at the characters is enough to make me want to play this game - hopefully you'll be releasing a demo soon !!

Filles Diable

Glad to hear it!! I'm also making a second game - the game page will be put up within the next few weeks.

I've actually been working on the other game longer than this one, so I should be able to upload a part of the game to play by sometime in May

Clarity's Edge

Just played your game demo and I have to say it's definitely the best MV game I've played so far - can't wait to play more !!!
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