The Pronoun Game
The means of pronoun generation belong in the hands of the people!



Goal setting!

Welp, this was harder than I thought!

I've got about half the dialog written. I'm making progress at least.

Goal setting!

Wow, good work Atiya! <3

So for Tuesday through Wednesday, I'm going to write the first drafts of all the dating scripts for the game (In Debt to the Stomach)

Goal setting!

I did it! \o/

It turns out it wasn't that bad to debug. The issue was twofold.

For one, the UI was being drawn with the depth test not disabled, but reset to the default OpenGL settings. By default, OpenGL only draws a pixel if the new depth value is less than the previous one. This means that if two things are drawn at exactly the same distance from the camera, the first one will be drawn but the second one won't since the new depth value is not less than the old value (it's equal).

Second, the UI was being drawn out-of-order. The engine is in Mercury, which uses linked lists. Usually, it's faster to build a list in the reverse order by prepending the start, and then reversing it at the end. The new UI code I wrote just uses a fixed list of elements to draw since it's not dynamic (always the same UI elements). But I copied the button element order from code which did prepend and then reverse, so they were in the wrong order.

So the text was drawn first, set the depth buffer value, and then when the button image was drawn it didn't overwrite the old pixels from drawing the text. The fix was to properly disable depth testing in the UI (as it should be, the UI should be drawn using the painter's algorithm, not depth buffer testing), and then to reverse the drawing order.

Goal setting!

Sunday and Monday, I'm going to debug and submit a fix for the new build errors for the Mercury compiler on Windows.

Welp RIP, it seems like that was fixed recently already :X

I'll make a new goal instead then. For some reason, drawing text has incorrect blending. My goal for today and tomorrow is fixing that.

See the black box around the text? That's not supposed to be that way.

Goal setting!

OK I'm setting a goal!

Sunday and Monday, I'm going to debug and submit a fix for the new build errors for the Mercury compiler on Windows. I've been having to use a hacked build script for a bit, so I should fix the issue. At the very least, if I can't figure it out, I should report the issue to the compiler.

Goal setting!

I have the week of December 27th off. I want to set a couple actual gaem mak goals for the week, and actually report back on what I've done to accomplish them. I find I am best at actually doing things when I have some timeline laid out, and someone else is expecting me to do it. This way I'll actually be accountable to someone other than myself.

Anyone else wants to do the same is welcome to join in the goal-setting fun.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

The alternate win condition was meant as a possible way out for scum in an endgame, since late-game votes with the Sheriff still around could be rough. Either through what CAVE had proposed, or just as a fakeclaim which could be used as some amount of cover for trying to derail the votes.

Losing Odd D1 was really rough for scum though. I think he had the more powerful role, and in my (probably oversimplistic) probability calculations scum had ~4% chance of winning after losing the Undertaker D1. That's also why I didn't think it would be too bad to swap someone in for Jeroen, even though they would get an early advantage.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

As the sun was setting on another day of accusations and tense trigger fingers in the dusty western town, with the residents gathered in the saloon where a consensus was finally starting to form for the first time.
The Sheriff wore his shining badge, stepping out for a moment. Maybe he was getting antsy from all the talk of how he could be betrayed, or maybe he just needed a moment away from the arguing for a moment.
But the group had finally come to a consensus. The stranger who had ridden in, late to the party to take the place of Jeroen, had to die.

With six-shooters drawn, the saloon lit up in gunfire as many ducked for cover. After a few moments, there was nothing but silence.

When the town finally peeked out, they saw their intended target dead on the floor. And they knew they had made the right choice.

The notorious outlaw demonlord5000 had died.

demonlord5000 has been killed! demonlord5000 was a mafia-aligned Trapper.

You are a mafia-aligned Trapper

Every night phase you must choose to a single player to target. That player may not use their ability that night.
You may not target the same player more than once for the entire game. If you do not choose a player to target, one will be chosen randomly.

You win when the total number of outlaws is equal to or greater than the remaining town, not including the Sheriff.

Final votecount:

CAVE: 0 (Ozzy, Demon)
Demon: 4 (Psy, CAVE, Ozzy, Cap_H)
Psy: 1 (CAVE, Ozzy, Demon)

The game is over! Town has won.
Despite their different approaches to frontier justice, town managed to eliminate all outlaws.


Role call:

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

That's Hammer, gimme a minute to make a proper post

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)


CAVE: 1 (Ozzy, Demon)

Day 3 ends in 24 hours.

With 6 alive, it takes 4 votes for hammer.