RPGmaker game enthusiast, makes games as a hobby. Got no idea what I'm doing :P.


Thoughts on the state of RPGmaker and it's community?

So I'm fairly new to the RPGmaker scene which means I'm not too familiar with the history of the game series and the community as a whole. By the look of things, it seems the fan-base is doing quite well for itself but I can assume that RPGmaker has passed it's heyday by this point. Do you guys think the game and it's community are still going strong? Has it aged well? If not, what things do you think can change or improve about the community?

[RMVX ACE] Found a bug in Dreaming Mary, please help! (SOLVED)

So I recently tried to download and play Dreaming Mary (my OS is Windows 10) but I've ran into a bug with the action/Z button that makes the game basically unplayable. For the most part I'm able to use the action button just fine, but for some reason, I'm unable to 1) talk to Bunnilda and 2) open any of the other doors in the hallway. When I try to open the other doors, I just get the initial messages of the noises Mary hears behind the door over and over. When I try and talk to Bunnilda, I don't get a prompt at all.

I know it's not my keyboard because it works just fine. It seems that there's something wrong with the script where it doesn't recognize an event path or something. I tried messaging the creator but I'm not even sure if they post here on the site anymore and I have no other way to contact them. Anybody else experiencing the same problem?

How yall doing?

Hey there! Been posting here for a few weeks now but I thought I may as well post here anyway since I'm a newcomer. I'm an adventure game enthusiast (BIG Zelda geek) and I love the RPGmaker horror scene. I'm currently working on my first RPGmaker game right now and wish to make game design a hobby. I have a bit of game dev experience but not a lot so I'm mostly diving into this blind. Still, that's part of the fun. Glad to be here and pleased to meet you guys!

Unable to upload avatar picture

So I'm trying to link my avatar pic to my account but it's not showing up. Do I have to wait for it to get approved first?

Also, isn't there a better way to share images on the forums? Using URL links are a bit of a pain...

[RMXP] Best FREE music making software for RPGmaker games?

So I want some custom made soundtracks for my game (using RPG XP btw) and I'm trying to decide on what music making software I should use. Of course I want something free, doesn't have to be incredibly fancy, just software that can make some pretty decent music for an RPGmaker game. Any ideas? What software do you use?

[RPGMAKER] What engine would you recommend?

Hey there, newbie here. Big fan of RPGmaker games and thinking of diving into the game development scene. I'm just trying to decide what engine I should use to make my games. I have RPG XP already in my Steam library so I guess I could use that, but I want to get your opinions first. Is there a benefit to using one engine over another? Which one is the most functional/has the most options? Which one are you currently using?
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