I'm a writer and video maker who likes RPG Maker as a way of expression with visual media. I also run the Drinking and Playstationing series on Youtube, which can be watched at:
Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!



Did you want to make an RPG/Game? Be honest!

Well that just double posted for no reason

Did you want to make an RPG/Game? Be honest!

I'm one of those dudes whose first game was an epic 40 hour long traditional fantasy JRPG (also a buggy juvenile rtp piece of shit) that took a year and a half to make and was probably subsequently played by about 50 people. The catch is that I actually finished it. Did not abandon my first idea or start over at any point; spent a year and a half and made it a reality.

Mind you, the game was awful. But all things considered, it came out way better than one would probably expect. And I think that the fact that I actually finished it is, almost certainly, what caused my interest to move from "making an rpg maker game for my friends and myself to be able to say we made it" to "making amateur rpgs for people out there to download and enjoy". Being able to hold up a finished product of that scale, however flawed, was an extremely powerful motivating factor in future works. It suddenly felt very worthwhile and meaningful; I realized I had done so much more than just make an interactive story for my friends, I had made an entire goddamned epic video game, and it felt really really good and I could totally do it again and do way better next time.

This. I'm still shocked that I actually finished my "super epic 25 hour long rpg" since 95% of people seem to never finish their first game. I also agree with the "I can do my next game way better", the problem now being I dont have as much free time to make another game :(. Life is sadly ironic.

Review scoring: standardization, professionalism, etc.

I personally don't think they should be compared to professional games. There is a huge difference between a game one guy made that is FREE for everyone to download and a 60$ epic Xbox 360 game made by some huge company. If someone is charging for their RPG Maker Game it's one thing to compare them to professional games since it costs money, but other than that its pointless to compare in my opinion. If you do that, literally every game on this site (mine included) would be a one star/five because no matter how biased you might be to a game, it's not gonna hold up when compared to Mass Effect or something like that.

Who wants to review my game?

Consider it doing a quality check of the kitchen on the Titanic.

I guess now it's more like doing a quality check on a Carnival Cruise Line :P

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Who wants to review my game?

Alright, thanks!

Who wants to review my game?

Wow I just read that, that is pretty depressing! :(

Well I have my game on RPG Revolution too so if your a member there that would be a better place to post or upload a review.

Who wants to review my game?

Nah I don't need feedback for my game in that sense. I'm pretty much 100% done with it and want to move forward instead of constantly redoing and remaking my game. I want to start making a new rpg maker game in the future. After working on a game for 2.5 years then getting a review of your hard work is always appreciated, positive or negative. Especially so I now what all to improve for my next RPG Maker game I make ;-)

Who wants to review my game?

So my finished game has been up on this site for 2 months now and has 1000 downloads total, but still no review. Would any of you kind fellows like to take up the task of reviewing it?

Looking for Games to Review

I'm not sure if you are still doing reviews but my game Bloodsphere still hasn't had any reviews:
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