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Story Driven RPG Adventure made with RMXP. 25+ Hours long!



The Phantom of Liberty

I'm glad you enjoyed Bloodsphere! I'm still working on Phantom of Liberty in my free time, but with work lately I haven't had a lot of free time. I do want to complete this game eventually though, it just might take a while!


Can anyone tell me if there is a secret character I missed... I keep seeing guns on sell in stores but no one can use them...?

Depending on how far you are in the game you still have more chances to get him. Just keep helping Boyd when he needs it ;-)


Jaguar - Line up all the white lines into the middle where it's gold.

Marcus - I'm not sure, I i think you just need the RPG Maker XP DLLs

Legacy of the Guilds

Ok people!
A download will be made available on april 29th (I'll see if I can get it our earlier)!
I am missing the final stretch (2 towns and 1 final dungeon), but that will come in time.

yay :D


It is one of the special skills that can be used in the Tankentai Battle System script that I used


BloodSphere Version 2.0 Question:Can It Use Old Save File From BloodSphere 1.3?

When I finish it, it should. I am not changing any scripts. Sadly it might be a little while before it comes out :/


Sadly I have encountered a game breaking glitch. In the fight in the staff room of Django's Cave. When the fight is over and the orclin runs away, it runs up to the water bucket then the game freezes up. I assume its because of the move event command being messed up from the bucket and thus freezing it up. Definetly a major thing to fix because I can't progress until that happens :(


I swear I have no idea why my posts keep double posting


I've been playing the game, still on chapter 1 so far. I'm liking it, I think the voice acting is pretty good (although it does cut out sometimes). I like the character of Scatto and his banter with Peeko, they are funny (I also like that you family guy'd it and only Scatto can talk to Peeko). I have noticed a few minor glitches such as the text going over in alot of the message boxes making it hard to read. Also, after you first get Arianna and are heading back to your house, if you try to go to the north path the message blocks that pop up are messed up, cutting off their faces.

Overall though, I'm enjoying it so far! Good sense of humor too.


If it's the creature I think it is, You dont have to fight it. The one that is in the mine in town, right? Because that is an optional quest so you can skip it and keep going.