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Bloodsphere Review

Hey, thanks for the review! Very well written and I'm glad that overall you enjoyed the game. It's crazy how time flies looking back that I finished this game 4 years ago. I have been working on a new rpg maker game since I finished Bloodsphere but work has slowed down the process a lot (really apparent when you consider it only took me 2.5 years to make Bloodsphere). But it's nice to know people still play this game and that might be the motivation I need to get cracking more on my new game! Thanks again!

Bloodsphere Review

Thanks for the review!

The Random Battles and High Evade rate were partly side effects of my novice-ness at RPG Maker when I started this project. I learned alot about eventing and scripting over the 2.5 year timespan in which I made the game, and I now know how to event non-random battles in the way I want them so my next game will definetly not have random battles. Sadly with the huge amount of dungeons it would be way too time consuming to implement them into Bloodsphere, but I think I'll lower the evade stats of enemies and lower the encounter rates on maps for my next release of Bloodsphere so that these issues won't be as prevelent.

I like that you found tropes for the game, I became addicted to that site a week ago and noticed that even my own game contained alot of tropes. I lol'd at the "Adam Smith hates you" trope, so true. Some tropes I felt the game had included "Belligerent Sexual Tension", "Mind Rape", "Dragon Ascendant" and "Action Girl" lol.

Legendary Legend Review

The "Truly inspired mapping" part made me laugh <_<
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