Dreaming Mary


Why oh WHY did you see fit to make the most completely terrifying thing I have ever seen? Great now it will be weeks before I can enjoy a RL dream again.

The only way this could be scarier is if the dream had black holes in it. There are no black holes in this nightmare world, right?

Star Stealing Prince

Half way into the game and I am still confused about how combos work. Apparently it is some thing about using status effects to line up combos somehow like a more opaque version of the battle system from Halcyon 6. (congradlations for doing it first by over four years!) I think the game tried to explain it at some point early on in the castle, but that was before any actual combat so I kinda just nodded my head thinking that I could figure it out on my own later. Now I have no clue exactly what causes the oh-so-painful free attack I occasionally receive and rarely use

Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

Played through the entire thing! Well done!
Really, this is well-designed in most every aspect, I am impressed.

Why is it that both the Prince and the Princess has green eyes while the King has purple and the Queen blue? How does that work?

loving the item descriptions lol

The main fault that I see with the game is your decision to name-characters-yourself and choose-character-class-at-beginning. The former is a tad odd with a character-centric plot, and being royalty limits you to honorable classes somewhat. The character-class concept was a good idea, but it doesn't sync well with the other things you put in.

Why is the princess not any more powerful then the other party members? Royalty is important; one has to justify their right to rule somehow. I would suggest having dual-classing for the main character, except that might be too much effort to be worthwhile. Instead I feel like she should have a set of fixed abilities in addition to whatever comes with the chosen class; something that makes her stand out from the rest of the party.

...Where is the yellow gem? I could only find red, blue, white.

Life is a Path

My thoughts after playing it for a while:

One of the first things I did was to try and give the Short Sword to my Priest starting out just as an experiment (didn't work well). I really like how having a different weapon gives me a completely different attack; could you do more with this please?

The constant battles with a full party gets a bit tedious after a while; is there any way to speed them up?

+1 to slime nerf

Cold at Heart

Oh, thank you. It is... playable now, at least. Now if only the status effects would show properly...

Is there anything wrong with these pictures?

Cold at Heart

Windows 10, upgraded from a win7 install. Installing the font worked, now I can access the game menu! Now there is a different error blocking my progress.

"Unable to find file:


Cold at Heart

"Unable to find VR Gothic font"

Also why are the DATA files in .rar format?

Okiku, Star Apprentice

I can see why you first wanted the game to be a shooter, when I first started I spent five minutes just zapping stuff with the wand.

Following that zap-everything-with-wands logic why does Okiku use spells in the first place when she could be starting a collection of wands for zapping everything with? Wand of blasting. Wand of cure. Wand of fireball, chain lightning?

Okiku, Star Apprentice

Witchcraft, yes. A real witch personally makes each and every piece of clothing on her body herself, as well as every thing she carries, possibly including the cauldron itself.

But really, how much shapoo do you two go through and how many charges are left on that wand of blasting? You could try pestering Lady Ryoko to teach you wandmaking or how to make a broom golem.
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