I'm an italian developer.
Nemesis - In Darkland
horror indie adventure



Short Gameplay

Aww, I can't seem to play the video, it shows me an error.

Fixed! Thanks!


I was wondering why this game looked familiar, then I saw it was made by you AliceMisaki. Don-t worry about Black Dog, sometimes we need some distractions in other projects in order to loosen up the game dev muscles a little.

Having said that, this game looks pretty good and I'll see if I can come around to give it a play and share my thoughts on it!

Thank you so much, I'm doing my best to complete both games!

Your art got so much better! *subscribed*

Thanks! I'm happy to see that my efforts are visible :3


Congrats on being "Picture of the moment"!
Really nice map, I love the atmosphere it conveys, kinda calming but unsettling at the same time. The colors are also very well chosen.

Thank you so much!! * - *


You improved a lot, I really like this map and the vibe it gives! Only thing that could definitely be improved is the windows light. Other than that I like pretty much everything.
Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!


Great, puppets X_X

A lot xD Thank you so much!

Nemesis - In Darkland

The save files don't get saved when i close the game and the mini game with the candlefishes is impossible. I give up on this game.

Hm? No one told me about the "save files" bug. can you please tell me the steps you did for saving? Or in which moment you tried to save? because inside the fish mini games you cant save. Btw it's not impossible, I'll ensure you.
Just remember to take the plants for charge your oxyghen :)
Btw here someone who played this part, I'll hope it will help you if you don't give up ^^


I like the mapping and art. Keep up the good work >_<)b

Thank you so much!

Black Dog

I have seen that you have uploaded a demo and I have downloaded it quickly! =)

I found a small bug in the game. When the character is investigating if you interact with this object the character gets stuck and you can not move.

Apart from that I leave my first impressions about the game =)
it seems a very interesting story and you left me wanting to know what will happen with the sisters.I hope to know more about their relationship and the family.

The atmosphere is correct for the game, and your style of characters and tilesets gives it originality.
I will be waiting for the next advance. Much encouragement as always.

Thank you so much!
Well, the object with music was intentionally like this but I had see a lot of players told me that "It's a bug!" xD So I think I'll change it for the full game xD

I hope you'll enjoy the full game then! And thanks again!!

標本少女 | Hyouhon Shoujo | Specimen Girl [DEMO]

I tried the demo and... I love it.
The girls are so cute! I can't wait for play the full version!

Black Dog

Subscribed it. :)

thank you so much!!

This looks pretty neat, looking forward to seeing the finished product. Subbed!

> //// < thanks, thanks!!
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