Age: 28
Country: Spain
Game Designer, Programmer and Graphic Designer. Solo dev of #Zoria in #GameMaker




That looks awesome, looking forward for more pics :D

Thanks :D Most of the progress you can find it at twitter!


Subscribed! This is looking beautiful, gorgeous pixel art as well! :) keep up the good work

Thanks a lot!

Sphelia - The Forgotten Seal

Why was this cancelled?!?!?! D:!!
Started using Game maker and decided to make a platform game! Making a Rpg game was too much work and no one seems to be interested on it anyways :P
You can check the new game progress on twitter just searching for "AllFenom"
Maybe I'll make a post here sometime.
Have a nice day!

Sphelia - The Forgotten Seal

Thank you :D I have to finish Balras Forest and then I can release my first Demo.


Thx :D It looks way better with the weather xd, So easy to get lost there!


Sphelia - The Forgotten Seal

It`s very good done.Nice work.Keep the battles interesting with statuseffects like silence,blind,"poison/parasite" and so on .Blind is tough for someone who uses bows for example.I know you already know this but i think this game has great potential and the battles are sooo important in these games.
If you want a gametester just Pm,i really like this.

Hello Kenlan! thx for your comment! I really like drawing the sprites for the battles, and I plan to add so many statuses and that kind of stuff, even the bosses will be vulneable to almost all states, I don't like when bosses are just inmune to everything, I want to make that bosses need to be stun to avoid a powerful attack, and that kind of stuff.
About the gametester, of course! I'm raging about releasing a Demo as soon as I can (Drawing graphics takes me so much time)
Anyways, thanks for your time :D

Sphelia - The Forgotten Seal

the sprites are so cute, animations make them all the more cuter. The artwork is amazing you sir have a ton of talent, you will go far :)
Thank you very much! Is always a pleasure when someone likes your work.

[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Make events walk through followers?

Hello I was wondering if anyone know how to make the followers passable?
When I use a Pull and Push engine i made, when I'm pulling it the event doesnt move due to the followers moving.

[RMVX ACE] Self Variables

Hello, I'm looking for a self variable script, wich each event would have its own variable, I saw one for MV but I'm currently using Ace, anyone can make it?
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