Hi there, check out my video in YouTube and watch my game play :)



Before Crisis: Cissnei -Final Mix- (Final Fantasy 7)

Another FF 7 prequel version. How long this project will finish?

I love Final Fantasy franchise :)

Before Crisis Remake

Thanks, I'm looking for this for FF 7 prequel, Japanese version only happened but USA never happen. This looks astounding before FF 7 event in PlayStation one. I never play FF 7 yet. A R I G A T O :)

Final Fantasy VIII- The Sorceress War

Link died, can you please re-upload the best site, MEGA or Google Drive :)
Thanks, I really love Final Fantasy XIV VIII and I played it on PlayStation and it's really epic :)

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Oh yes! It can also playable in Android Joiplay, but few bugs such as highlight cursor and cannot see what item I can use, but I'll memorize that and description of item will know. Also in new character that changes name after recruit. I hope I didn't encounter a issue but only a issue was made. THANKS, I'm a real Final Fantasy fan :)
I love Mystic Quest Final Fantasy 1 to 9 :)

Delusions of Duty

The story was very short :)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Tried, but seems I encountered a error. I'm using new laptop, literally I never encounter error but now this :(

Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace 1.01a

FF6: Age of The Returners

Is this only a demo?
And would not have full version, better wait for it to release :)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I love it, i'm the fan of Final Fantasy it was incredibly great. Better try playing Android and the app called Joiplay, hope this will play 100% or somewhat :)

Ragnarok Midgard Chronicles

Why this game is hard?
Thanks anyway, I love Ragnarok Online Offline games :)

Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors

That would be fantastic Final Fantasy prequel and It's my favorite game FF I played the first one, story was outstanding :)
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