A free roam, action adventure game set in a retro-future world that has fallen into decay. Features an action battle system, zelda like dungeons and exploration.




“What’s it like on the land, exactly?” (It could even be “what’s it like on land, exactly?” if she is talking about being a land-roaming mammal)
“It’s alright.”
“Beautiful in its own right.”

A few spelling and grammar mistakes as corrected above, and the faceset looks like it was generated using a generator, which I am sure judging from your fantastic amazing art skills you can draw your own. But other than that the sheer amount of tileset work that you have achieved and your great graphics are phenomenal. Just be sure to get a proofreader to read through your work before you release it commercially.

In this case, she lives on a floating city that roams the planets oceans. I am aiming to achieve custom facesets as well! And thank you for your advice, I will be proofreading the entire game prior to release.


WOW, this looks amazing! Subbed and following closely!

Thank you! Hope to keep you updated!
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