Was deemed by the Arishok as one who commands a great deal of respect. Was recently thrown out of a wheat field for going against the grain. Once conquered Rhode Island using a can of lima beans, a yo-yo, and a used copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 on Blu-Ray. Is a founding member of the band Bladder Failure, whose hit single "Flushed From the Bottom of My Heart" spent nearly six minutes atop the Canadian Top 10 (until the software glitch was corrected). Invented the word "zfaifnv" while trapped in the back of a UPS truck with a flatulent snapping turtle.

ALSO: Does not tolerate use of the word "when" under any circumstance.
The Legend of Blake
Embark upon a journey to become a legend. Or not. It's up to you.



Big Stat Hero 6

I'm #427 in total posts!!! Wahoo! My mom will be so proud!
UPDATE: Not proud or even remotely impressed.

Plus, nhubi's ongoing reviewing spree is starting to give me a serious inferiority complex...
nhubi is so refined and cultured that I think we really are inferior, spineless human children. I imagine nhubi living in a palace, sipping at his (or her?) wine and eating fine, pianotm approved fancy cheese while he dictates his many posts to a faithful servant.

The Mess-up A Wish Foundation

Granted, but you get my original PS4. You know, the one that fell over dead after about a week.

I wish that my current PS4 has a long and healthy life. Or at the very least, lasts long enough for me to beat Dragon Age: Inquisition.

What are you thinking about right now?

Coincidentally, I just got done doing my daily Runescape Squeal of Fortune run (log in, spin, walk around, log out) and got called a faggot and was told "stfu queer" without provocation.

This is our future if we don't do something now.
I got called "garbage" once after a particularly bad showing in Halo. It was a fair assessment of my role in that match, I guess...

Another (probably 8 year old) taunted me with less than clever insults involving my name. "hehehe lol aidan.... im gonna be aidan u alright... with (insert juvenile joke involving genitalia).... lol hehehehe"

Big Stat Hero 6

I'm #427 in total posts!!! Wahoo! My mom will be so proud!

Link lovers; good news

Am I a Link lover? I think I am (in a platonic sense). Alas, I feel like I'm the only person in the world who loathes Majora's Mask. :(

Of course, I was like 8 or 9 the first time I tried playing it, had no idea what I was doing, and by the time I got to the door to the first temple, it was the end of the third day. So I was all like "FUCK THIS" and I haven't touched the game in over 10 years. Maybe I should give it a second chance...

Loved the rest of that Nintendo Direct, though. Oh Xenoblade...

The Mess-up A Wish Foundation

Granted, but I don't know anything about Suikomafia, so I'll just corrupt the wish by saying that it was canceled due to rain?

I wish for a cookie! Because that's sounding really good right about now.

What are you thinking about right now?

And so you should, RMN is a nice place with standards. Don't stress too much though, it was only a quaffer.
But but but... I don't have standards! And if I did, I'm sure they'd be low. You'll just have to excuse my unrefined nature.

What are you thinking about right now?

Also, certain aspects of nature are vindictive and horrible. I just had a gnat fly up my nose and I had to sneeze to get rid of it and then the bugger landed in my wine.
You drink wine while visiting this place? nhubi, you're so refined and cultured that I feel like I need to wear nicer clothes when I visit.

You've never had coffee from the St. Louis Bread Company (Panera, to everyone else).
Even though I frequent Panera often, I've never had the coffee. I usually opt for the hot chocolate if I need a hot beverage.

[Poll] If RMN Had (The Money, Of Course) To Purchase One Of These Luxurious Sports Franchises – Which One Of These Should They Buy

Dude, it's a requirement that mediocrity and the Detroit Lions be mentioned in the same sentence. Granted, they're having a pretty good year so far, but they've had 6-2 starts before, only to finish 6-10. And let's not forget the infamous 0-16 season a few years back.

The Cubs tend to have a solid team each year. Unfortunately, coming close isn't good enough. They very nearly made it to the 2006 World Series. Unfortunately, it was St. Louis that went. I'm from St. Louis. Go Cardinals.
St. Louis beat the Detroit Tigers that year. I'm from (just north of) Detroit. St. Louis sucks. :P

Favourite classical FF tracks?

Well, since there are so many rebels here who made lists for the later games, I guess I'll do it to.

1. One Winged Angel
3. Still More Fighting

1. Liberi Fatali
2. Don't Be Afraid
3. The Man With the Machine Gun

1. Assault of the Silver Dragons
2. Hunter's Chance
3. Terra

1. Besaid Island
2. Spira Unplugged
3. Summoned Beast Battle

1. Phon Coast
2. Giza Plains
3. Dalmasca Estersand

1. The Archylte Steppe
2. Blinded by Light
3. Lake Bresha

1. Caius's Theme
2. Labyrinth of Chaos
3. Run

1. Awaiting the Celebration
2. Song of the Savior - Grand Finale
3. Divine Love

manliest soundtrack of the series. /*u*)/ <3
It's a lovely white box!