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Worst videogame character.

fei fong wong is the most annoying character in any videogame i have ever played

"i'm so useless waaah"

you killed a dinosaur with a fucking kamehameha wave in a mecha you dumb prick, get over it

I think he was meant to be a whineass on purpose just to have us feel bad for him. Which, having played through the whole game, I did...until he manned up and stopped being such a puss.

I'm Starting to Feel Kinda Nauseous.........

How far along are you?
All I've got left is to finish two bosses, finish the shops and treasure chests, finish the monster notebook coding, and fix up a few more skills. So pretty damn close.

EDIT: Been listening to some Yasunori Mitsuda to get me motivated. Never fails.

GO GO GO! :3

World's Dawn

I can't wait for more of this game! It looks and sounds like it'd be up my alley.

I'm Starting to Feel Kinda Nauseous.........

It's something you enjoy obviously, boss man! I've been thinking that one of the biggest problems game makers have is they rush--take your time! Experiement, find what works, play around, hell, it's your creation! Why not enjoy making it and take your time?

When you have to take a break, please do. Don't work yourself out too much.

And I agree--if it's taking it's toil, take a break!


This game looks extemely interesting. I can't wait to see more development.

RMN is not closing down, but...

EDIT: I said nothing.

Yes you did. And I googled.

RMN is not closing down, but...

If it's an April Fool's joke then they have one helluva poker face to go with it. Just saying.

What are you thinking about right now?

I'm thinking up skills, passive and battle usable, for 14 weapons.

That and trying to develop my own story with branching story paths based on personal choices, character creation, and so on....meh....frakin' 1 in the morning.


Subbed! I LOVE Persona, so this seems like it'd be up my alley!

Sup guys

Welcome! And not much. Chillin'.