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Mapping Is You: Personal Style Philosophy

Thread Note
This is NOT a map help or critique thread, if you even mention a tile error I am coming for you.
Every post you make, every screen you take, I’ll be watching you
What I Want From You
I want to see screens and general images of your maps and talk about how you like to do things; how you like to place tiles, decor, philosophy of placing them.

Some Points to Hit
The map(s) the player walks on! Tell me about stuff like if you like using roads, multi-tile towns, or other stuff!

Including but not limited to: Towns, woods, roads, extra-planetary bodies

You know what the insides of buildings are I hope

Both the insides and the outsides

Stuff that isn’t strictly mapping or bound to a particular type of map like:
Map Connections
Path Placement
Drawing the Eye
Visual Cues
Through Lines
Things I Didn’t Think Of
*If you think something should be added up here or I should elaborate on something feel free to PM me.
**I decided to stop stressing over this so smack me down with errors you see or if it sucks
***Credit for half the thread name to ESBY
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