Lighting Question

This is a few days old, but I'd like to clarify the response, in case it hasn't worked.

If I'm understanding correctly, he already has check the Picture Scrolls With Map. The problem is, the picture is drawn at screen-relative coordinate position (160, 120), but depending on where in the map you enter, it's a different place in relation to the actual coordinates of the map.

And there is an easier solution. I'll show you what I did.
Make an event like that (ignore the other pages of the screen; they were for alternate coloring) and you just have to do trial and error with that event as to where it should be placed to sync up with the map. Somewhere near the center. You could calculate it if you want, but it was easy enough to just wing.

Goals for 2010

Yellow Magic- It's been so long that neither of those things have happened, yet you've been threatening to do them for years. Why will it be any different now?

-Personally, I'd like to at least release another demo and maintain a consistent work schedule.
-I'd also like to involve myself in the musical design aspect more than I have previously.
-Finally, I hope to find some more people to get behind my project. I have three working with me as of now, even if some are just temporary aid, but the more people who contribute, the more I'm inspired to work.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

I disagree about the grass. I like the grass. What I don't like is the highlight on the dirt. The trees also look highly unnatural. I attribute this to the form, more perfect than a typical tree, with the variations in foliage volume undefined, and the highlight color, which makes the ends look shiny, and plastic-like.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.

Something like this. Not much care required, actually.

Tile Art

Don't have the time? Just take it a tile a day. Or spend fifteen minutes before you go to sleep each night.
No joke, just do it.

Tile Art

Quality is par for most of it, but the Mage City is most impressive. I agree with Ocean in that I'm most taken by the lamps and the clock, but I'm also rather enjoying the chimneys and fountains, as well as a number of other more subtle elements.
The steam from the chimneys also interests me but I don't know if that's yours/if you're willing to share that/if I just missed it somewhere up there?

Regardless, at this moment, you are my favorite person, because I've actually been working on something just like the lamp-trees lately, and this is a tremendous help.

Your oponion about "RTP Games"

Here's my beef with RTP-
It encourages people to work with what they have.

Stated that way, it doesn't sound so bad. But let's consider this-
Do you want your world to be made to fit the graphics, or do you want your graphics to be made to fit the world?

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

Yes, most of them were created before, or as I went if I found I was missing something. The only autotiles used there are the base of the bridge and the ground under the snow. If I had wanted, I probably could have crammed the entire upper layer into just B, but I spread it out between B, C an D for organizational purposes, never using more than a third of each. So there's still plenty of room.

And it's all good. =)

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

SFL- They are indeed XP tiles. Didn't have any non-RTP for VX so why not?
The upper edge of the cliffs is stored in the upper layer, the rest is in the lower. I basically constructed the tileset and such so that I could map as I would have in 2k3 or XP.

Nightblade- Not bad at all, actually. It took some time, but there wasn't anything too difficult about it.

Screenshot Sesame Street (40th Anniversary Edition)

The fault was mine. When I began replying, Darken hadn't posted yet, so naturally it looked like I was responding to his. I edited it after I saw that he had posted, but by that time you had seen my post and responded already.
Misunderstanding. We move on--
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