is me or the maker of this game is kinda gone?
The dynamic duo moved on to Unity a while ago, Anaryu still pops in now and again though.

I hope you enjoyed the game! I look back fondly on this one.
who are the dynamic duo?

i can talk with anaryu

Just too hard to make a game these days. : )
Get the itch every so often.
Sadly most downloads and stuff are dead on this site because my hosting went away long ago, we moved everything to though.

SkyE Review

I'll have to try it on the latest Windows versions, those bugs sound like old ones. If you ever get bored or want to send me the save file in question, I'd see if the DL here:
is the same one.

Trials of MZ

Pretty sure this crosses a vague line, but I wanted to make the ATB faster and there is a set of static values in the code that set how "fast" the system is:

Game_Unit.prototype.tpbReferenceTime = function() {
    return BattleManager.isActiveTpb() ? 240 : 60;

The ATB is really kind of slow waiting for turns otherwise.

This would probably fall outside the range of what we can change since I'd be editing a core file, is that correct?
(silly these values aren't available in the editor to update, or at least I could not find anything and they're static in the code, but maybe there is another way to do it?)

Trials of MZ

QUESTION: What about RTP from other versions changed to fit into MZ? (with potentially the same minimal customizations or none.)

official igmc participation station 2018

Was a long month, but fun. Congrats to everyone who finished!

official igmc participation station 2018

Yay, contest. I don't think I've made anything complete since the last IGMC actually...

Aetherion Review

Hm, I like the node idea, I'll have to think about that, I bet I could come up with something there (made me think of the old FFT map.) Thanks for the advice. :)

Honestly we have so many ideas it's hard to decide what to work on next!

@Solitayre: I've got it at 6 playable characters now.

@MLG_Wannabe: You picked apart the two biggest weaknesses of this entry:
1. Some of the Raythe and "weird" stuff was a forced idea to try to match the theme, honestly I made it not match up with the theme very well to see making a quality game alone would win, or if the theme would end up being so important we'd be out of the running.

2. Ephrian's backstory simply came down to time constraints. The actual idea was for Flynn to have made a critical mistake but we had to simplify it since there wasn't time to expand the idea and make it impactful. Why Edan powers up is the major plot point for the second part.

When we do revisit while a lot of the basic plot structure will be there, the details would be rewritten pretty thoroughly.

Ugh, you guys have made me want to revisit this now. Maybe keep the 2D combat system but move it to Unity so I can do VN stuff. Visual Novel Maker would be way too difficult to implement that combat system in right now. Hm.

I bet these guys would look awesome as Live2D models.

Aetherion Review

Playing with Visual Novel Maker right now! (And Kris has nearly mastered Live2D at this point, geez that was annoying for her to pick up, even with all the 3D experience.)

We just created a new game recently for the IGMC 2017 contest (did okay too!); tried to post it here but the description from our entry page wasn't enough and I didn't feel like typing out the whole plot for the game page, so once it got denied I never bothered updating it; just a bit lazy. :P

This is still a favorite project and we do want to continue (I have most of the story mapped out honestly), it was just done in the worst maker (VX) and I was still in progress moving the combat system to VX Ace. We're not sure what we want to do with it yet.

Thought about just having the combat system and doing the rest as a VN style and avoiding the whole map thing (since tilesets are not something we're good with) or trying to come up with ways to make exploration more of a thing.

Visual Novel Maker - First Impressions

Exactly how it works - you could take model files created by someone who has/works in Live2D and put them in your game without ever having to pay Live2D, just pay for the extension for VNM.

I'm really hoping VNM updates their Live2D support soon, it's currently a nasty mess, in particular it's inaccurate and a bit misleading (or they're keeping some secrets!)

The artist I work with picked up and learned Live2D and we've found that while models need to be in 2.1 (which isn't sold anymore but you can export to from 3.0!) the ANIMATIONS (motions) need to be in 2.0 to work! (This is also not sold... so technically making your own model potentially requires a cracked or illegal version of Live2D animation to work, whoops!)

Between me and her it's probably been about 25h+ figuring the 2.0 animations out; and then she had to redo a model because the nicer new features don't export to 2.1 properly, etc.

I feel is has great potential, and I'm glad they included Live2D support initially, but it needs to be updated ASAP since I feel it's a major selling point (the best engine for Live2D is Unity I believe, which is much much more complex to learn and work with.)

Visual Novel Maker - First Impressions

The scary part is Live2D; we're waiting back on a response from the Live2D people themselves, but since 2.0 animations are the only ones that work you need to use that... the problem is that they don't advertise the 2.0 animation tool (Live2D doesn't) as part of the software you can get anymore.

So VNM is supporting an old version of Live2D that Live2D isn't technically selling anymore - we're reaching out to see if we can get it unlocked with the current subscription, but they're slow to respond.

Took a ton lot of research and work to figure all of this out however. Not even sure most of the VNM staff understands it; if they have knowledge or work-arounds they've kept it pretty hush-hush too.