Perceiving Shapes

As the Dev doesn't put somewhere on this site a Download.
I found one here.

School Urban Legends

Will there ever come an english translation?

School Urban Legends

Still interessted in the game. But still no english translation. :(


Some more Screenshots would be nice.

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Your Certificate has expired.
So it says the site is unsave.

The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 2

Click the black bars. They are spoilers the fold up and there are the walkthrough.

The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 2

Hello dear. I'm already played the first game and this one. And I'm really love it!

But, can you help me about to get true ending and bad ending in this chapter? I'm always stuck in Normal Ending

Please answer me, and sorry for my bad english

Here is the walkthrough:

Meri's Merry Dinner Party

Nice I will check the game if I have time. :-)

Meri's Merry Dinner Party

Downloading is better than browser playing. :/
People with low internet speed will have big trouble.

Room Escape

Btw. the name thomas is nowhere in the game to be found.
So it's not possible to find the answer in the game.
Actually, if you watch the TV while it's on the first channel:
Next up on our infinite frights
playlist is local Woesburg native
Thomas Johnson's finest hour, in...
Night of the Living Husks!

I see.
I thought that I might miss something there.
Now I know I did. XD