The Last Summer

how can:
1. find all the things to obtain the true ending
2. and escape of the bugged space that ocurre when timmoty crossed the highway?

Also: what are the references to videogames
Reading other comments could help.

@Frogge: That could be the 1.End.
I doubt it, considering I didn't get any credits or anything. It just repeats the same cutscene over and over.
Here the Dev posted a walkthrough Video:
Pinpointed where I was on that video. Apparently, the screen is supposed to scroll up and display text that says "The End" so I guess I wasn't missing out on too much, but still, it's definetly a bug because it's not happening for me. Thanks anyway!
Terribly sorry for the late reply! I'm deeply into development with Blood Opera Crescendo + Timothy and the Mysterious Forest as we are going both on Kickstarter and Nintendo Switch release! The Last Summer was a very "raw" project as now i have a bigger bigger knowledge with RPG Maker :) maybe i will do a "remake",what do you think? :)

Polaris 03

So mean. First they helped me here in the comments.
But than stopped and don't answer anymore. :(
I just can't get this maschine to do what it should.

So I can't win the race against the turtle.

And at this part of the game a lot isn't translated in to english.

Polaris 03

Still need help with another part of the game.

Polaris 03

I stuck with the 3 part of the Seeds.
Need help please.

Perceiving Shapes

As the Dev doesn't put somewhere on this site a Download.
I found one here.

School Urban Legends

Will there ever come an english translation?

School Urban Legends

Still interessted in the game. But still no english translation. :(


Some more Screenshots would be nice.

The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 2

Click the black bars. They are spoilers the fold up and there are the walkthrough.

The Mystery Files of Detective Inaba No. 2

Hello dear. I'm already played the first game and this one. And I'm really love it!

But, can you help me about to get true ending and bad ending in this chapter? I'm always stuck in Normal Ending

Please answer me, and sorry for my bad english

Here is the walkthrough: