Room 42

I don't have other applications running while playing.
It dosen't shoot when I'm clicking because of the stops.
So I don't know if I can't complete game like that.

Room 42

I have a AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 250 Processor 3,00GHz and 4GB Ram.
I will try that thx.

Edit: I did try. But the aimpoint does not always appear so I can't
shoot and get caught.

Room 42

Thanks I can follow good. Just a few words I sometime don't unstand.
I have on more problem. The game does not run smoothly for me. It
continuously stops for a moment. So I can't aim correctly at the Shadows
to shot.

Room 42

Is there a Walkthrough?
Because I stuck with the Safe Code.
Can't figure it out because I not understand everything in english -
I'm not native english speaker.


sorry didn't see that thanks

me too
I didn't see it at first too. Because there was no News that the Walkthrough is on.


Did you unzip only mama.exe? You gotta unzip the game files aswell bro.
Sorry for my bad english, I try to explain the best I can. I unzipped the game, it works..I played until I met Alex again in the abortion clinic. But when I arrive at a certain point, it shows me that. I checked in the folders and that file is missing. I don't know what to do ç___ç I tried to unzip everything again but that file is still missing.

Which program did you use to unzipp?
I use WinRar 5.30 and I have the missing File on it's place.
Here I uploaded it. Just rename it.

Anyone knows 6 passcodes? I'm stuck

Here is the Walkthrough you know.


Umm, hi, haha, I'd like to say something about the walkthrough. The code to the safe in the director's room doesn't work. I tried searching myself too, but I keep hitting dead ends. Uhm well, I'm stuck without any save points, so I'll probably have to replay it all the way from the start of that area. Sucks to be me I guess, lol.

One more thing ;


*cries frustration tears*

In the Staff Lounge top left edge is a Savepoint.


By the way. If game is complete why is the status still in "Production"?
And why are ther two rooms with the number 106?
If you leave room 101 one comes out at the door of room 102 and vice versa.
The 7-Digit Code for the Safe doesn't go. I put it in right but nothing happens.

Room 42

I just startet the game again and now I can play it.
It's strange. O.o


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Why don't you ask with PM instead off posting in each game?