Trick & Treat

And here I subscribed too. ;)

The Witches' Tea Party

I Subscribed too. ^^

The Wedding

The Walkthrough Links is down.

How much Endings are there?
2 and the Secret Ending or more?

Trick & Treat

That's what I mean. ^^
adding something in the future to use the Room or delete it.
Because like this it makes the Players curios what the room would be.

And I'm very excited about the game "The Witches Tea Party" because it looks very good.
Cant wait to play it. :)

Trick & Treat

Than he/ she should delete it. That would be better.

the locket on antlers of deer head isn't then probably for anything else more than to look at the picture in it, isn't it?

Trick & Treat

What's with the Room at the right Side?